What Industries Have Smart Phone Helped Revolutionize?

Let’s face it, a huge number of different types of businesses and even entire industries have seen massive changes thanks to the simple smart phone. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the industries that have seen the biggest changes. And remember, these changes aren’t just useful for those businesses, they’re helpful for individuals just like you. New things have become easier to access and arguably more affordable thanks to smart phone technology, whether you want to access them on the go or otherwise. And there have almost been entire new industries that have flourished thanks to this tech. Let’s have a look at some of the industries that smart phones have helped Revolutionize.


The taxi industry really has changed a lot in recent years, especially when it comes to minicabs. While traditional drivers might not like it, apps like Uber and Lyft have made things so much easier and more affordable for smart phone users. It’s really easy to simple get a cab no matter where you are. And don’t forget more affordable, too. These apps have injected new competition into the industry and made things much more affordable.

But let’s not forget who else they’ve helped – people willing to drive to earn money. Becoming a Lyft driver is much easier than getting a traditional taxi license and they’ve made it easier to earn a bit of extra cash no matter what your main profession is.

Online gambling

Sports betting and the online casino industry have also seen massive changes. Now people can gamble and use different bonus offers easier on their phone. That means you can gamble and hopefully win money no matter where you are. Whether you want to look at sports betting, bingo, slots, blackjack or something else – there are loads of options available to you.


Shopping has also become a lot easier with a smart phone. You don’t even need to visit stores or even their websites on a traditional computer any more. Simply fire up your smart phone and see what’s available. Even if you are in a bricks and mortar store, you can now easily look on your phone to see if there are any discounts available elsewhere, or to order a product cheaper that you’ve just seen in a proper shop.


Phones have all sorts of discount apps that can help you either earn cashback or find other great deals as soon as they become available. That’s why this technology has actually been helping people make savings for some time now.


If you want to know where the best place to stop for lunch is but don’t really know the area that well, then check out one of many restaurant apps on your smart phone. They should be able to stop you from getting hungry.

The smart phone has revolutionized all sorts of industries. How have you seen changes in yours? Has it made things easier or not?