What is the best escooter for 2020-2021?

It is always difficult to name “the best” in something. We can say that Coca Cola is the best cola, but if you like Pepsi better, we are apparently wrong. Opinions differ, and that’s a good thing. Because otherwise the world would look pretty boring. That also applies to the best escooter for 2019-2020. What are the characteristics that are important to you? We will name our winner, along with some very good candidates especially for electric scooter for adults.

What criteria must the best escooter meet?

When choosing the best best escooter for 2019-2020, we look at different things to determine which brand and type scores at the top in most categories. We think these things are important:

  • Design
  • Safety
  • Range
  • Load
  • price

Let’s see which electric scooters win on these points.


Tastes differ, yet we cannot ignore the fact that the Vespa Elettrica simply looks beautiful. Vespa is the ‘original’ scooter that serves as an example for almost all other scooters on the market. They have also outdone themselves with the Elettrica. They did not start from scratch, taking the Primavera as an example, they have designed a modern electric scooter that is again finished in an unsurpassed way. You can also get electric scooter for adults.


European safety standards are strict, and in the Netherlands scooters have to meet some extra conditions. With that we can safely say that all escooters we have seen are just safe. Again, the Vespa Elettrica seems to have a small lead due to the amount of steel, where the competition mainly uses plastic. Because all models are relatively new, we cannot sufficiently determine safety in the long term.


This is where the battle gets interesting. Because even the best escooter cannot compete with scooters with combustion engine in range. On the standard battery, the Elettrica scores very well with about 100 kilometers compared to the competition, but the Ecooter E2 and the Lifan E3 are expandable so that they can drive much longer on one charge. With 200 kilometers on the largest battery capacity, the Lifan E3 drives twice the distance of a Vespa scooter.


You no longer have to refuel, that is a big advantage. But you will still have to recharge even with a range of 200 kilometers. In this case, we prefer a scooter with a replaceable battery, because you can also put it on the charger at home. You could even buy extra batteries to drive further, or to charge in the meantime. Both the Vespa and the Gomax have an internal battery that is not removable. The Lifan has a double battery that can easily be lifted from the scooter.


Here you can look at the price or the price / quality ratio. The IVA E-GO S3 and S4 are very affordable and still offer good quality. The Ecooter E1 and the Lifan E3 come next, the Gomax Dragon-E follows with the Vespa Elettrica as the last. You can of course say that the Vespa offers more quality, but the fact is that you also have to pay a lot for every option.