What is the Best Treatment For Arthritis Pain?

Pain is one of the significant symptoms that sends a signal to the body that there is a deviation in a particular body system. Like other types of pain, arthritis is a significant cause of pain in various parts of the body worldwide. When not treated or appropriately managed, it may result in disabilities in the areas affected.

Therefore, when one experiences arthritis pain, bearing it and grinning is not the only alternative since there are several ways to treat it. Both pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods have been found useful in treating this type of pain. This article describes both methods used in relieving pain.

Treatments to Relieve Arthritis Pain

1. Non-pharmacological Methods

Treatment of arthritis pain using non-drug is the first option for many people. Because the benefits when using these techniques are more compared to the side effects and risks. Some of the methods involved in this method include;

Weight Management

Since arthritis is a condition that mainly affects the joints, reducing weight if one is obese is vital—exerting weight on the joint impacts the affected joints, causing the symptom of arthritis-like pain to alleviate. Therefore, it is essential to design a weight reduction target with your doctor to ensure your weight lies within the normal range. Reducing weight causes several benefits like reducing pain on the affected joint, improving joint mobility, and reducing damages on the joint that may occur in the future, including disabilities.


Exercising is one of the best methods used to ease the pain and reduce the disabilities of the joint. However, most people ignore it because they fear exercising the affected joint. After all, it is painful. Exercising the affected region comes with several benefits, like making the joints flexible, preventing its stiffness that makes it immobile. Performing regular exercises also helps in weight management and strengthening of muscles that are within the common area.

Treat Using Hot and Cold Techniques

When using heat treatments such as a warm shower in the morning helps reduce joint stiffness, one may also opt to apply topical ointments containing peeper that provide warmth when applied at the affected joint, thus helping relieve pain. The use of cold treatments provides the fastest way of reducing arthritic pain.

2. Pharmacological Methods of Pain Relief


Acetaminophen, also known as paracetamol, is a non-opioid used to relieve mild to moderate arthritis pain. It should be taken as prescribed since an overdose of it may cause some kidney problems.


NSAIDs such as naproxen, celecoxib, and ibuprofen are effective in reducing inflammation and alleviating arthritis pain. Others, like diclofenac, can also be prescribed in the form of an injection. The NSAIDs should not be taken for long since they cause severe side effects like stomach irritations that may complicate, causing peptic ulcers, kidney stones and disease, and heart attack.

Use of Natural Botanical Supplement

As an organic substance, Kratom is an effective supplement that helps reduce anxiety and pain, thus helping in the treatment of arthritis. When alkaloids found in Kratom binds to the MU, Delta, and Kappa receptors within the nervous system, it alleviates pain and makes one comfortable. Mitragynine, a component found in Kratom, acts by binding to receptors located in the brain causing pain relief and reducing anxiety, and elevating mood.

However, one must understand Kratom’s different strains available at a legit vendor since the concentration of alkaloids varies, enabling you to determine the best strain to take depending on the severity of pain. Kratom is, therefore, an effective anti-anxiety and also an antidepressant.


Hydrocodone and codeine are examples of some opioids used to relieve arthritis pain. However, due to its most side effects like drowsiness, addiction, and dependence. They are therefore used by those experiencing severe pain that cannot be relieved by NSAIDs.

Creams and Supplements

Chondroitin and glucosamine are some of the creams and supplements effective in easing moderate arthritis pain.

Wrapping Up

Arthritis causes pain as the only symptom and results in anxiety and depression when not promptly treated using pharmaceutical medications. These medications also cause many side effects; hence their use is limited with people having some conditions like a heart attack. Therefore, you should consult with your physician on the probable treatment suitable for you.

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