What Mobile Games have Been the Biggest Hits of 2022?

The video game business recovered in 2022 after multiple game delays and failures. Due to the dynamic nature of the games that were created this year, a variety of consoles can now be used to play most of the thrilling games that were introduced. Ultimately, this year saw the debut of a greater range of much-awaited video games. Some of the games fell short of expectations, while others surpassed them.

Gaming has evolved beyond the conventional ways, as there are now more efficient ways to play your favorite games. With the significant improvements in technology, the gaming industry has seen massive influences from virtual reality, digital currencies, upgraded consoles, and more efficient payment methods and options.

One part of the gaming industry which has benefited from these advancements is the iGaming sector, where reliable online casinos and sites for gambling exist. Now available in online casinos are these technologies, including better mobile payments with a list of sites available that now provide punters with the ability to use various methods that were not once possible. This, essentially, enhances the overall experiences that can be enjoyed when wagering and playing!

With many games released throughout the year, here are some which have been the biggest hits of 2022:

Horizon: Forbidden West

In this large, open-world sequel that is two times the scale of the previous edition, you are free to traverse what is left of the western lands of the US. Restarting the Earth’s ecology, which had been ravaged millennia before by a conflict between humans and machines, is what the protagonist and his old and new allies attempt to do in order to put the globe back together. Horizon is a fantastic game to play, with action that is easy to understand and stunning graphics. But the game also has an emotional component, which enhances its enjoyment.


The fantastic video game; Fortnite, fosters individuality. Due to the advent of various fascinating features, such as the Zero Build mode, the game improved drastically and is one of the best games in 2022. Fortnite has also solidified its spot as one of the most obsessive free-to-play games out there when it is combined with the genuinely ludicrous amount of indications that show the progress of the game, and grants reward to players when they reach certain levels.

God of War: Ragnarok

God of War: Ragnarok is one of the few video games that were launched this year that truly managed to surpass all the expectations from gamers and provide everything they had hoped for. Ragnarok is one of the biggest hits of 2022, as the game includes tight gameplay, fantastic action, and some absolutely stunning aesthetics. The narration is excellent, and the voice acting throughout the plot is excellent as well.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is one of the uncommon video games that feels entirely appropriate every time. Early in 2022, this game was released, and it quickly rose to the top of the fantasy gaming world. To build the ideal setting for this game, components from other games with a similar theme were transformed and combined. It has complex, dynamic gameplay and a large selection of tools and weaponry. Its well-planned open environment succeeds because it is so appealing to explore despite providing players with little direction.