Buying a Holster

The next very important move before you start carrying your weapon will be to buy a high-quality holster after you have obtained your cache and handgun with which you are fully comfortable. You can buy them from various renowned online shops like or any other trusted sources.

Getting the right holster will make it easier for you to shield your weapon in a way that is secure and easy to reach. Without the right cushion, carrying your weapon can become such a hassle that you forget to carry it at all.

Material and Design

Most holsters are made of thermoplastic or leather. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Usually, a leather holster is more expensive, but it’s longer than plastic so the heat that stays in a car doesn’t tangle it. It also helps the contours of the body fit well over time to make the holster easier to choose from. Yet thermoplastic holsters still have their advantages. It can provide a better and tighter grip, especially in areas such as the trigger guard, and provides protection for additional peace of mind in most models.


Passive, active and natural are types for retention. Natural retention is by nature of the design of holsters. It’s passive when you don’t have to do anything to maintain the gun. Most holsters are built in to maintain a stable firearm, but you’re going to want to ensure that it has ample passive retention to meet your needs. Various holsters can deliver various passive retention intensities.

When it comes to active retention, the features like thumb bands, thumb loops, and trigger guard locks are usually present. It is important to note that natural retention can’t be modified for any holder while passive and active retention is customized to your requirements. The purpose is to strike the right balance between easy access and safeguarding to your weapon.

Reasonable Cost

On the market, there are many price points for holsters. As this is an item that you are going to use a lot and it is necessary for protection, both personal safety and the security of those around you, this is not the time to miss out on quality over affordability. On the market, there are many reasonably priced choices, but you want to go with a brand that has a good reputation and great user feedback.

Perfect Size and Shape

The sizing problem is related to the type of weapon you plan to holster. It is important to remember that the determining factor here is the type of weapon you want to store. Although several holsters are designed to comfortably house many similar sized guns, this is not to suggest that any holster is really one size fits all. Most holsters define which types of firearms are compatible with the design that will help you minimize the size and type of firearm factor of selecting a holster.

Final Verdict

The holster you select actually comes down to your own choices at the end of the day and the circumstances in which you are going to carry your weapon. Take into account the three attributes that a holster should show – concealment, comfort, and drawing speed, so determine which of these attributes is most important to you.