What Whole Body-Vibration Training Will Give You That Other Exercises Won't

Same old, same old! Aren’t you tired of the same old? Doing the same routine every single day, from the time you wake up to when you get back to bed. From the food that you eat—basic groceries, some leftovers from the holidays, etc. Even when you’re exercising, you can often descend into a deep rut that you might not even realize you’re already in. Oftentimes, you’ll get so used to the same old, same old that you no longer yearn for the new, the unique, and the unexpected. You just get settled to what you’re used to and that’s that.

            At least, there are some things that give you the new, the unique, and the unexpected. Particularly when it comes to exercising, whole-body vibration therapy is just the ticket. This seemingly ordinary exercise will give you extraordinary benefits, from health to happiness. Most of which you can’t get from other work-outs!

A Tickling Feeling

            Exercise is work. Keeping fit and staying healthy is work. Why do you think it’s called ‘working out?’ You have to keep at it again and again in order to reap its many benefits. And if this doesn’t sound fun to you, it means it’s working. However, if you exercise with a vibra therapy machine, it doesn’t have to be just work and no play. All those vibrations will give you tickling feeling, one that can probably put you at ease and get you to laugh a little. You only live once, why not enjoy every last bit of it? You don’t have to be oh so serious when exercising.

Peace of Mind

            Many people claim that, for them, exercising is cathartic. And this may be true generally, sometimes it’s simply not the case. How is your mind truly at peace when you have to keep pushing your body to its limits? When you’re lifting weights, aren’t you worried that an accident might occur? When you’re running in the morning or in the afternoon, don’t you often think about how you may look to other people passing by? One of the great parts about whole-body vibration training is that it’s also a private exercise that can give you such peach of mind. The vibrations help you relax while doing it in a quiet place keeps you calm.

A Relaxed Body

            And speaking of making you feel relaxed, a relaxed body is also a unique benefit of whole-body vibration training that other exercises won’t give you. Most of the time, it’s the opposite. Strenuous workouts exhaust you, giving more tension to your body. And that’s not exactly relaxing, isn’t it? Fortunately, this isn’t the case with whole-body vibration training. With the vibrations from the machine, your body is soothed at its core. Your muscles let go of ay tension that they might be building up and you find yourself calmer and feeling more refreshed. And you can’t say that about any other exercise, can you? It’s just unique to whole-body vibration training.

Mental Stability

            When you have peace of mind and a more relaxed body, you can now think more clearly. Your mental health is more stable, thereby allowing you to let go of your inhibitions and just exercise freely. And this isn’t something you get from other exercises. Sure, you might be able to sneak in thoughts about your work or love life when you’re doing cardio. Or you might receive flashbacks of your childhood when you’re doing CrossFit. But when you have to do the hard work-outs at the same time, it’s easy for all of them to get muddled. As opposed to just using a vibrating plate, doing a few moves here and there, and letting it clam your nerves.

New Sense of Rhythm

            Though you may get into your own pattern when ding other exercises, only whole-body vibration training can get you into a certain rhythm. That is, the rhythm of your vibra therapy machine. You see, despite being a relaxing and soothing exercise, it’s also a bit tricky. Overall, it’s easy to do as long as you’ve gotten into the rhythm of your vibrating machine. Remember that, in essence, the machine is a moving platform. You can’t just step on it and use it willy nilly. You have to get into the rhythm of it first before you really get fancy with the exercise. But once you do, the work-out will be a total breeze from here on in.

Better Focus

            If you’ve been able to get into the rhythm of your machine, this also means you’ve reaped another benefit of whole-body vibration training: better focus. Sometimes, other work-outs can distract you. When doing cardio, you often have to get into your heart-rate. When lifting weights, you might get too excited about which weight to lift. Even when doing yoga, which is supposed to be one of the more relaxing exercises, you might find it difficult to do some poses. All of these contribute to less focus on you and on the tasks at hand. At least, with whole-body vibration training, once you’ve gotten into the thick of it, it”s be easier for you to focus.

A New Attitude

            Now, it all boils down to this: a new attitude. Some may say that other exercises can bring out new attitudes in them, but not to the extent of whole-body vibration training. With peace of mind, a more relaxed body, a new sense of rhythm, better focus, and mental stability, it won’t be long until you’ll have a new outlook on life and a new attitude to match. And with this, you can live your life differently and improve as much as you can. You’ll have a better focus on work. Peace of mind when dealing with all sorts of problems. A more relaxed body to share with your friends and family. And many more!

            Whole-body vibration training isn’t your ordinary exercise. More than just making use of a vibrating plate, it gives you benefits that you might not even get from other work-outs. And all of them are good for you, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.