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Yes, it is official. WhatsApp is down and offline for millions of users throughout the entire world. It is unclear yet on how or why it’s been down, whether it’s been a server malfunction or a hack attempt, WhatsApp is yet to make an official announcement to the press.

In the meanwhile, WhatsApp users have gone over to social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook to let out their frustrations and update their friends that WhatsApp is no longer working for them.

An image of WhatsApp
Since there are no official statements made by WhatsApp at the moment, the reason behind the downtime is not known yet. However, this isn’t the first time WhatsApp has gone offline. Few weeks back, WhatsApp had been down for several users for a few minutes out of the blue, without any notice. WhatsApp failed to comment on the issue back then as well.

As WhatsApp is down, users on twitter have started to share #WhatsAppdown and is currently trending all over social media websites. It’s a major issue for those who use the mobile application to communicate with their children, and for friends and families who keep in contact through long distant chats from all across the globe.

Speculations suggest that Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp is making updates to its servers for better future maintenance. However, for the servers to crash so out of the blue, many are speculating that it might be a massive DDOS attack on the free mobile communication service. The reason why hackers would want to take it down makes no logical sense, therefore it is a high possibility these are only exaggerated rumours. WhatsApp has never had a security issue and would make no sense for them to have one now.

Regardless, as the story is still developing, we will update this news article as soon as new updates are available on why WhatsApp has gone offline.

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