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The fashion industry is a $1.3 trillion global industry. Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of fashion tech companies. There have been numerous developments in the world of fashion that have led to the creation of new designs of luxury clothes.

Bridging the gap between fashion and technology has not been easy. This is because these industries are two worlds apart. The merging of fashion and technology is guaranteed to provide effective and convenient shopping from the comfort of your home.

Technology has come a long way in trying to mimic the experience shoppers get when they enter a store, picking outfits and trying them on to have a sense of how it feels. All this happens over the internet­ how incredible is that? Here is how it works: The shoppers take measurements of themselves and then through technology, the shopper’s measurements are matched with the digital specs of the chosen garment. A prediction is then made of the perfect size that will fit the shopper. Retailers can use this technology to market themselves by showing their prospective clients how clothes will fit them.

The Future of Fashion

Incorporating technology and textiles is set to give birth to smart clothing which will combine both functionality and fashion. It is predicted that in the future these smart clothes will be embraced to become a part of our everyday life.

Some of the up and coming wearable tech brands include:

  1. Levi’s Commuter and Google Project Jacquard

The Trucker Jacket is designed for urban cyclists.

  1. The Unseen’s color-change collection at Selfridges

The colors change based on the user’s environment and respond to external factors like wind, touch, air pressure, and sunlight.

  1. Emel + Aris

This is a line of both men’s and women’s outerwear that have intelligent heating capabilities.

  1. The Fan Jersey by Wearable Experiments

This shirt has a Bluetooth connection that enables fans to feel haptic vibrations in real­time.

  1. Zenta

This is worn on the wrists and is used to track emotions by monitoring the breathing rate, sleep quality, stress levels, and overall mood.

  1. Thesis Couture

Thesis Couture designs high performance stilettos that focus on comfort.

  1. VFiles x XO

These garments comprise of fiber optic apparel  and accessories.

  1. Bolt Threads

These textiles are made by fermenting spider silk protein and then spinning it into yarn. Spider silk is really strong, flexible and durable.

  1. Spiber

Refers to engineered spider silk polymer.

  1. Modern Meadow

Leather is grown in a lab under controlled conditions. In the lab, it is possible to make the leather stronger than it naturally is.


Initially, when the merging of fashion and technology was launched, people were a bit skeptical; it seemed like a wedding between opposites that was destined to fail. Over the years, research has been done that has led to great improvements.

Imagine clothes that monitor your health. Imagine clothes that change color depending on what mood you are on. There are also other clothes that change color when they’re stretched or when exposed to water, light, and sound.

Merging textiles and technology will change the world of fashion so much. Our future wardrobe will definitely look pretty cool. One will have so many options. The future of fashion promises a wide diversity of garments that will not only cover our bodies but actually interact with us.