Why is Hulu Blocked in Germany?

Hulu is a one-stop media streaming solution that allows you to watch famous TV shows or movies like Pen15, Harlots, Castle Rock, Minding the Gap, Mission Impossible, Parasite, etc., hassle-free. 

Like Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and other videos on demand services, Hulu does not offer its services outside the US. If you reside in Germany as an expat and want to use your existing Hulu account, you will use a VPN to access Hulu in Deutschland

By doing so, you can watch all your favorite Hulu’s media content, including TV shows, documentaries, and movies on different devices accordingly. 

Continue reading this post to know why Hulu is blocked in Germany and how you can access it securely.

Why does Hulu not work in Germany?

As already mentioned, Hulu follows the concept of geo-restrictions and is only available to US viewers. It means you can watch its exclusive content if you reside in the US. If you want to access Hulu in countries other than the US, such as Germany, you will receive the geo-restriction error on your screens.

The same goes for other video on demand streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Peacock, etc. Unfortunately, all these platforms are not available in Germany due to copyright and licensing limitations. 

Is Hulu available globally?

Compared to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, DAZN, and other available services in different countries worldwide, Hulu is only accessible within the US. However, streaming fans should not lose all their hopes since Hulu might expand its services in the future due to the prevailing streaming war among several media giants. 

There are chances you may access Hulu in various European countries without breaking your bank.  

Famous TV shows and movies you may watch on Hulu

Hulu produces original TV shows and movies regularly to keep its subscribers engaged and entertained. Apart from this, you can watch some of the most popular TV shows and movies on Hulu. Here is the list that consists of:

  • Westworld
  • Outlander
  • Normal People
  • Booksmart
  • The Cabin in the Woods 
  • Rocketman
  • Support the Girls

Devices Compatible with Hulu 

Hulu is one of the most compatible streaming services out there. It supports numerous operating systems and devices, including:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Android TV
  • Smart TV
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Fire Tablets
  • Gaming Consoles (Xbox, PS3, and more)

Wrapping Up

Summing up, Hulu is a US based geo-restricted streaming service. Therefore, you cannot access its coverage in countries like Germany because of copyright and licensing laws. If you want to unblock Hulu while residing in Germany, you will use a VPN. 

As a result, you can mask your local German IP address and spoof your online location instantly. This way, you can unblock Hulu while residing in Germany. Moreover, Hulu holds an edge over its competitors on different fronts like pricing, original content, and compatibility. 

In short, Hulu is a viable streaming option that helps you fulfill your streaming desires appropriately.