iPhone 5 NFC

One of the good things about the iPhone 5 is that Apple finally acceded to some changes that their fans have been requesting. And while we’re happy with the improvements and new technology they crammed into their sexy little device, one can’t help notice that some “revolutionary” features were noticeably absent.

iPhone 5 NFC

NFC, which is gaining ground in Europe as an alternative payment system. And people have been asking, why would an innovator like Apple would decide not to include this in the iPhone 5?

All Things D shares details from an interview with Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller which should explain their decision to skip NFC. According to Schiller, the iPhone 5’s Passbook app, which can be used to “store loyalty cards and gift cards as well as things like boarding passes and baseball tickets,” is more than sufficient. What’s more, Passbook is more widely accepted than NFC. And this looks the main reason why Apple hasn’t jumped on board the NFC bandwagon — it’s not available in all territories and it would not make sense to include a feature that not everyone can use.

Passbook is expected to become available when iOS 6 drops on September 19.

Another feature that Apple decided to forego is wireless charging which, according to reports, is something that will be available in upcoming phones such as the Windows Phone 8 powered Nokia Lumia 920. While the concept sounds cool, Schiller believes that its counter-intuitive as it would still require a charging device to be plugged into the wall. “Having to create another device you have to plug into the wall is actually, for most situations, more complicated,” said Schiller.

Bummed that the iPhone 5 doesn’t have NFC or wireless charging? Or do the reasons offered by Apple make sense? Share your take in the comments below!


  1. Agreed. NFC sounds sort of interesting superficially, but loses out on closer inspection. There is a hack now to allow someone to attack an NFC enabled phone just by walking near it. Very cool!

    Wireless charging is slow and you can’t use the device while it is charging. And the hardware is more cumbersome. Seems like a lot to put up with just so I can brag that I charge my phone wirelessly.

  2. In addition to not requiring merchants to have NFC hardware, since Passbook only requires Wi-Fi (which all businesses have) or Cellular, so it can be used remotely to make purchases even if you are nowhere near the store.

  3. I think your explanation of the hack is a reason why we don’t have smart chips in our credit cards here in the US.

  4. As much as I agree with Phil about Wireless charging, it does beg the question of why they bothered with AirPlay if it also meant something similar.

    Imagine Phil saying this about someone else coming up with an Apple TV competitor “It would still require a AppleTV-like device and HDMI cable to be plugged into the TV and having to create another device like the Apple TV you have to plug into the TV is
    actually, for most situations, more complicated.” Well wireless charging is just as convenient for the user as the wireless display mirroring and spanning.

    In truth though, the new Lighting cable makes plugging in really convenient since there is no wrong way to insert the 8-pin cable end.

  5. Your reasoning behind the lack of wireless charging pad is a bogus excuse. Coming home and just setting your phone down on a pad VS reaching for a cable, plugging it in (In the past, making sure the plug was going in the correct direction) is an inconvenience at best. Having a jack wear out because of the continued pluging in and out should be considered. With a larger pad you can also charge two phones at the same time. One plug for one large pad, charges two phones. (Ideal for home life as almost everyone charges their phone from the same outlet) A small travel charger could be incorporated when we are away from home.
    I am a big Apple fan and currently have the iPhone 5 on order. The reason I have an iPhone 5 on order is because I tried the Samsung Galaxy S3 and found it to be buggy and hard to work with on my Mac Pro. But I am terribly disappointed with the so called “innovation” of this iPhone 5. I can just about guarantee that if Apple does not step up it’s game with the next version of the iPhone, I will not have a picture of an apple on my next smart phone. (Already trying to find a good alternative.)

  6. The Nokia Lumia 920 was used to stream music via Bluetooth while simultaneously being charged by the speakers. No special device was needed for the phone to be charged (aside from the speakers). And it’s not as if there can be only one charging method. Have wireless charging and the plug. And if you only look at the raw specs, the Lumia 920 and the Galaxy S3 seem like a much better product. I’m really disappointed in Apple this time around.

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