Why Working with an SEO Provider in Your Area Is Beneficial

Webtek Digital Marketing is a marketing and SEO provider with offices in Salt Lake City, UT and Austin, TX. They have been in the business long enough to have developed a client base covering the entire nation. But the core of that client base still resides in Salt Lake City and Austin. That matters to both Webtek and many of its customers.

Utah SEO is what Webtek cut its teeth on so many years ago. The company still emphasizes doing business in the state, and primarily the Salt Lake City area. That is not accidental. There is a reason ownership continues to put tremendous effort into the two cities their offices are located in, and their respective states.

World Class Skiing in Utah

The best way to explain Webtek‘s philosophy about Texas and Utah SEO is to focus on the ski industry. Utah is known for its world class skiing. There are literally dozens of resorts stretching from Salt Lake City all the way up to Park City. Some of the country’s most exclusive ski resorts are found in the area. As such, skiing and other winter sports are a major contributor to Utah’s economy.

It is no surprise that Webtek’s clients include several involved in the ski industry. It’s also no surprise that those businesses attract customers from all over. People come from nearly every state to experience Utah skiing. Businesses that cater to skiers need to do so with a focus on out-of-state visitors.

Webtek Knows Utah

What does all of this have to do with Webtek? They know Utah. The company’s owners and staff all live in the greater Salt Lake City region. They are intimately familiar with everything about the city and state – including how the ski industry operates.

Their knowledge makes them ideally suited to promote companies involved in Utah’s ski industry. They can market and tailor SEO to the consumers most likely to benefit from it. They know the language, the keywords, the topics out-of-state visitors search for online, etc.

They also know about local resorts, accommodations, transportation options, and more. This allows them to create content that drives traffic and sells services and products. They can do it extremely well because they know Utah inside and out.

An SEO provider located in Los Angeles or New York does not have the same level of knowledge. Such agencies would not have the same intimate understanding of the Beehive State and its ski industry. They couldn’t do nearly as good a job as Webtek.

Your State Is Unique as Well

Perhaps you don’t live and work in Utah. It could be that nothing in your state is considered world class. Nonetheless, your state is still unique in many ways. Likewise for your city and county. This matters for SEO purposes. Whether your company focuses mainly on a local audience or needs to reach out of town customers who will ultimately visit the region, the best way to reach your audience via SEO strategies is to focus on what makes your region unique.

Utah SEO can help bring plenty of out-of-town skiers to Salt Lake City-area ski resorts. Likewise, SEO built on whatever makes your state or region unique can bring in the customers you need to keep your business growing.

If given a choice to work with an SEO agency located in your general area or one several states away, the better choice is the one near you. Its owners and staff know the area and what it offers. They are better equipped to do right by your company.