Wii U Pro Controller

The Nintendo’s Wii U is something to get excited about, if only for getting the next generation of console gaming started. And while there may be some negative feedback from some quarters criticizing its processing power  and pricing strategy, fan feedback as a whole has been supportive. A lot of gamers are looking forward to the Wii U GamePad and all the potentially game changing elements it will be bringing to the table. But what about its other controller, you know, the one that kind of looks like it came straight from an Xbox 360?

Wii U Pro Controller

Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft recently had a hands on with the Wii U Pro Controller and he’s not happy with it:

“The Wii U Controller also feels, well, cheap. There’s a nice gloss coating, but in the hand, it’s as though you can snap the Wii U Pro Controller in half. I don’t think you can snap it (obviously), but it hardly feels like a Nintendo-made, prime controller for the Wii U. The buttons are not clicky, but mushy, and the whole affair feels, well, uninspired. It’s not a premium product. They can call it the pro controller, but it feels amateurish to me.”

Ashcraft also shared his disappointment with the Wii U Pro Controller’s weak force feedback:

“Earlier this week, I played the Wii U version of Ninja Gaiden using the Pro Controller. I didn’t even realize the game had force feedback (I actually went back and double checked—there was feedback). That might be a good thing if you hate the rumble—but bad if you like it. I like the rumble!”

Personally, I think a lot of controllers out there feel light but it’s something that I just end up getting used to. And I doubt people are thinking of getting the Wii U for the Pro Controller so this probably won’t be a deal breaker. Fans are more interested in the Wii U GamePad, which Aschraft says he is “cool” with, and it will probably be one of the top reasons why people will be lining up on launch day.

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