Microsoft Windows Phone 10 Updates
Microsoft Windows Phone 10 Updates

In a May 5th Post, Yusuf Mehdi from the corporate offices for Windows posted a blog about 300 million devices receiving Windows 10; today they posted about what this update would mean for customers.

According to Windows blog, Windows 10 is now the largest online service (in less than a year’s worth of time). The goal is to provide more security in familiar formats that provide “personal and productive[, enabled] innovation and new experiences.”

Microsoft 10 Is Officially the “Most Widely Used Software”

Microsoft actually released a few details in this blog “Windows 10 Now on 300 Million Active Devices,” saying that Cortana alone has answered over 6 billion questions, and 63 billion minutes were spent on Edge (an over 50% increase since last quarter). More people are using Windows Apps and Windows Store Platforms, which is causing Windows 10 to implement more functionalities to their Windows Smartphones (to take place beginning in June, according to this recently posted Windows 10 blog post) in 29 different countries all over the world.

COMPUTEX 2016 in Taipei Marks the Introduction of New Functionality for Windows

Nick Parker, speaker for Windows is taking the initiative to speak to over 100,000 different industry partners on June 1st, where Parker will discuss exactly how Windows 10 will change the way that people use their smartphones. Some of the features and functionalities include Windows Hello, Windows Ink, Cortana for mobile devices and tablets, as well as other features- all coming to life in new updates.

What These Changes Mean for Windows Mobile Phone and Tablet Users

The overall goal seems to be for Windows to hopefully implement changes that make using Windows more exciting, as well as providing more functionality and productivity for users, right from their smart devices. This will be more important as Windows implements more games that require higher processing needs on their smartphones, giving Windows a completely different look and feel. It will be interesting to see how Windows actively changes after these new pieces of software are initialized into devices.

There have been mixed reactions about Windows 10 since its’ release; it’s doubtful that any changes will affect these emotions.

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