2D Boy has confirmed that the iPhone version of World of Goo will be launching in the iTunes App Store tomorrow.

Those of you looking forward to playing it on your iPhone or iPod Touch should keep an eye out and grab it on the first day it’s released — it will cost you a mere 99 cents (in the United States, at least).  After the initial release, the price will raise to the regular price of $2.99.

The iPad version of the ground-breaking puzzle game sold considerably more in its first month on than in any similar period on WiiWare and PC, 2D Boy announced back in February.  This huge success gave 2D Boy a reason to develop an iteration of the game specific to the iPad’s smaller-screen counterparts.

Even better news? 2D Boy is also making the iPad version universal, so anyone who already has the iPad app will have access to the same title on their iPhone or iPod Touch.

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