WWDC 2013 Confirmed- iOS 7 redesign, iRadio

Today is the big day for Apple’s WWDC 2013 event. Apple is expected to roll out some major changes looking ahead to this September and into 2014. We’ve heard lots of rumors about what many want to see at WWDC 2013, but none of these have been confirmed by Apple. Nevertheless, Apple’s tight-lipped response has not stopped the Wall Street Journal from leaking some hidden confirmations that we are bound to see at WWDC 2013: iOS 7 and iRadio.

WWDC 2013 Brings a Flatter iOS 7

We have heard for weeks now that Jony Ive’s redesign will have flatter icons and shy away from the elegance of Scott Forstall’s and Steve Jobs’s design for iOS. We’ve even seen concepts of flatter designs, but according to valued information, iOS 7 may not be the dramatic change that many anticipate. Since Apple has been rushing to get all the pieces in place for WWDC 2013, it’s highly unlikely that Ive’s transformation will be completely dramatic.

After all, there are three our four months (depending on recent rumors that the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 may not be revealed until October) between tomorrow’s keynote address and the unveiling of Apple’s new iDevices, and Ive will have time to make further changes to iOS 7 before it is released to iDevice users. The next several weeks after WWDC 2013 will be big for not only iOS developers but also Apple’s engineering and design team as well.

It is true, however, that iOS 7 will be a redesign of iOS 6. According to WSJ, “the iOS redesign will drop the skeuomorphic design favored by the ousted Scott Forstall in favor of ‘plain solid backgrounds and more white space'”.

WWDC 2013 Brings AirDrop File Sharing to iOS 7

In addition to the iOS 7 redesign, the WSJ also confirms that Apple will implement AirDrop file sharing into iOS 7, allowing users to share files between themselves and other iPhone and iPad users without need of a WiFi network. AirDrop file sharing was introduced into Mac OS with its latest OS known as “Mountain Lion,” but this feature will now be integrated into iOS 7.

It’s Confirmed: iRadio Service Coming to iOS 7 At WWDC 2013

Last but not least, Apple will also introduce its iRadio service today at WWDC 2013. All Things D confirmed Friday that Apple finally signed Sony on to its iRadio service, in addition to Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group. iRadio will allow iDevice users more control over their songs than ever before and create a Spotify-like competitor in the music space. All Things D said that Apple would not introduce the service at WWDC 2013 but announce it, but it seems as if the WSJ thinks otherwise.

New Macs and MacBooks will be introduced at WWDC 2013 as well. This is all the information we have for now. Stay with Tapscape as we provide WWDC 2013 announcements and after-event coverage.