Xbox 720 Lionhead Studios

Despite Microsoft not making any official statements regarding the Xbox 720, many devs are already clamoring for more power on the console because they have ideas for games that will be unlike anything anyone has seen before. More power, they say, will give us a machine that can keep up with their ideas and truly bring gaming to the next-generation. Microsoft’s own Lionhead studios have other ideas though.

Xbox 720 Lionhead Studios

The makers of the upcoming Fable: The Journey and the rest of the famed Fable series believes that power isn’t everything. If there’s one thing the Xbox 720 should give game developers, it should be an easy way of making games. Gary Carr, Lionhead’s creative director, summarized his thoughts on the matter in a conversation with OXM:

“Quite often people who are very good at writing technology are not good at writing creatively cool things. The point I’m making is: if you can offer something that’s as simple as a Fisher Price toy which still produces amazing results, than I’ve got a broader range of people I can invite into this industry to make great games.”

I think Carr raises some interesting points here. Next-gen gaming shouldn’t just be about whether the Xbox 720 will have better graphics and a more powerful processor than the Playstation 4 or the Wii U. Microsoft and the other manufacturers should also think of ways that would make these consoles accessible to a lot of people. If the Xbox 720, the Playstation 4 and the Wii U are more flexible in that regard, we could end up with more creative games and ones that we truly have never seen before because these consoles will be flooded with all sorts of fresh takes and new ideas.

Realistic graphics? Sure, I’d like to see more of that. More enemies and elements on the screem at the same time? I’m up for it. But more importantly, I hope the Xbox 720 can give us games that will not only challenge the definition of gaming but spin it around on its head.

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