Xbox One Gameplay Streaming Still Months Away

Both the Sony PS4 and the Microsoft Xbox One were originally supposed to launch with included gameplay streaming features and while Sony did accomplish this, Microsoft is struggling to include it on its console. The company that is working with both Microsoft and Sony to enable live streaming,, has also announced that it does not know when Microsoft will be able to offer the feature.

Xbox One Direct Broadcasting: There is no ETA at this time from Microsoft. Expect a few more months. If we know sooner, we’ll update. – TwitchTV, on Twitter

Xbox One Gameplay Streaming Still Months AwayNo one is entirely sure why Microsoft is taking so long to push out direct gameplay streaming to the Xbox One and even seems as though it has been left out of the loop.

There are features on both consoles which have not made it out to the public as soon as Sony and Microsoft would have hoped but the lack of livestreaming is a big downside for some Xbox One gamers.

It is possible that this massive delay has something to do with the more in-depth features that Microsoft is trying to include with the direct streaming. Among these features is the ability for Xbox One viewers to attain achievements and rewards, such as Best Viewer (watch 100 hours of gameplay.)

When compared to Sony’s implementation of streaming in the PS4, the Xbox One version may be a little bit more complicated for things to work with its current software. However, the delay is still something that many users are unhappy about, but of course, there are numerous ways for people to livestream their Xbox One gameplay without the feature being directly built-in to the system.

For now, gamers who enjoy livestreaming their gameplay will have to resort to regular capture devices which have been used for years on other platforms and usually get the job done without any of that limitations that will undoubtedly come with direct streaming on the Xbox One.

Summary: A feature that was supposed to come out with the Xbox One upon launch, direct streaming to, is still months away according to Twitch. Sony was able to include this sort of streaming in the PS4 when the console launched but Microsoft is struggling to find a way to implement it.

Image Credit: telegraph