Xiaomi Mi TV 4
The Xiaomi Mi TV 4 is nearly bezel-less and the thinnest LED TV ever.

Before the Mi TV 4, Xiaomi has already made waves in India’s smartphone market with its best-selling phone, the Redmi 4. It had specs that put most smartphones in it’s weight class to shame. In 2017, the Redmi 4 saw immense success and brought the Xiaomi’s name to the limelight in India. With many of the purchasers incredibly pleased, Xiaomi gained a reliable fan base.

Now, in 2018, Xiaomi intends to penetrate the Indian TV market with the Mi TV 4. It aims to keep in line with what its most experienced with. Which is, an astonishing price to performance ratio. Being priced at just Rs 40,000, it’s aiming for the demographic its most comfortable with. That is, the bargain hunter demographic.

But don’t let the price tag fool you into thinking that the Mi TV 4 is anything to overlook. Measuring at just 4.9mm thick, the Mi TV 4 looks thin enough to shave with. Then near bezel-less display is just one of it’s many other draws. What’s more surprising is that Xiaomi doesn’t sacrifice any specs to achieve this form factor.

In fact, when you take a look under the hood, you will surely be left speechless. The Mi TV 4 uses a 64 bit quad-core processor and houses 2GB RAM with 8GB internal storage. You won’t be lacking in the IO department either. It comes with 3 HDMI ports, AV, ethernet, a USB 2.0 port, and a USB 3.0 port. That’s more USB ports than ┬áthe latest MacBook Pro has.

So it seems like a no-brainer that you would jump in on this deal right? Well… Its hard to recommend a Xiaomi product for one resounding reason. Its customer service. If you buy a Xiaomi product, you’ll receive their thanks. And that’s it. Because, if something goes wrong with your Mi TV 4, you’re left in the dark. It’s the one reason why people hold off on buying a Xiaomi product. And in any case, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is… But in the end, it’s all about what’s more important to you; safety and comfort, or beauty and performance. You can find a full rundown of the technical info here on Xiaomi’s website.

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