XS Power Titan8

Undoubtedly, the XS power has dominated & made a prominent position in automotive battery development since its inception. They have released a compact yet powerful lithium car audio battery. This one has set a new benchmark in lithium technology and positioned itself well in the car audio batteries. 

XS Power has created fear in the eyes of their competition by launching its exceptional XS Power Titan8 lithium batteries. For instantaneous output & overall quality, lithium batteries work wonder.

The Insider Story: XS POWER Titan8

Looking at the insight of this one has an inbuilt 2/0 bussing; this allows 4 hidden positive & negative direct connection. This too without any the need for external connection exposed to bussing. Further, the spectacular secret is, still leaving two easily accessible top terminals along with four series or parallel expansion terminals. This allowed an easy to build up the bank for 4 terminals from 12V, 14V, 16V, 24V, 28V, 36V, 48V, or any varied configuration. This one uses a very high-powered lithium battery designed to provide high burst output. 

Safety added with the reliable Titan8 Bluetooth Technology:

Each module under the XS Power Titan8 is powered with a built-in balancing system that further can be modified with Bluetooth connectivity. With that, you can expect cell monitoring, internal temperature sensing, along with battery health monitoring as an added advantage.

The Bluetooth connectivity can be configured to deliver the notification to any device including tablet & smartphone when the user has preset the limit, this includes low voltage, over-temperature & overcharging. Allowing security protection to the user as an utmost responsibility. 

Warranty with XS POWER Titan8

There are many things to cherish in the Titan8. Its usage data is automatically processed in the app, allowing troubleshooting & an extended warranty of up to 4 years. The best part is, multiple Titan 8 batteries can be monitored and controlled through a single application & single installation or at times multiple installations. These 4 years warranty has given assurance to the user to relish the quality of the batteries without any stress.


Let us have a look at different models & their battery power: 

PWR-S5: $688.99 

12V, 10Ah, 5,000W – 8,000W 

PWR-S6: $804.99 

14V, 10Ah, 6,000W – 9,000W 

PWR-S7: $919.99 

16V, 10Ah, 7,000W – 10,000W 

Reserve Modules – Designed for Peak Capacity

The best part of this series is, it uses a single cell that is addressed to maximize capacity & improved deep cycling ability. Although physically it looks like the same size as the power series, but don’t go but its size. It can provide a double amount of energy & storage but only half of energy being discharged. Therefore, it makes it a prominent incapacity rating being doubled but wattage rating reduced to half. 

This type of installation, it is recommended to use the PWR model to be placed directly closer to any high amperage loads.

RSV-S5: $747.99 

12V, 20Ah, 2,500W – 4,000W 

RSV-S6: $885.99 

14V, 20Ah, 3,000W – 4,500W 

RSV-S7: $1,023.99 

16V – 20Ah, 3,500W – 5,000W 

BCI Models is coming soon and it includes 51, 51R, 47, 48, 49, 34, 34R, and 65. 

This series is entirely dedicated to being using high power lithium cells that generate high charge current (30-60 times its capacity). Thus, holding the ability to translate a single 10Ah module that supports burst current to an extend of 1,000A. This is designed to be compact, affordable & amazing lithium powered battery. This item is available for sale only at selected retailers globally. 

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