Zedsplode App

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Hey people, this is Aron Kramer from Tapscape and we”re back with another review for you today. This time we”re taking a look at an awesome game by NHI Games called Zedsplode. This app is available on both iPads and iPhones, and for this review I played it on my iPad. So without further ado, let”s dive into the gist of this game!

Germs invading

Our story starts with a rather quirky cutscene. The so-called Zeds, which I think are a pretty uncanny replica of germs, have invaded a musician called Eddie Vezzer. These Zeds have taken over his spine, brain and heart and the only one who can save our artsy friend is you! From there on out it”s pretty much up to you to figure out how to progress the game, which brings us to my only point of critique on the game.

While a lot of games have extremely elaborate tutorials making you wait for unprecedented amounts of time, it”s equally frustrating to have a game throw you into the deep end without knowing what to do. Zedsplode is a very chaotic game by nature but I found myself wondering what I had to do for around ten minutes. The game could really use a little update on this.

Exploding Zeds

After a while I found out what the game was about. In each level you”ll find different Zeds floating around and you get a set amount of weapons to destroy as many of them as you can. Each level asks for a certain amount of Zeds to be killed and you can gain up to three stars per Zed in a level, giving nbso online casino reviews a lot of replay value to every individual mission.

The more you progress the more Zeds will appear on screen. Some harder to kill than others and some need a lot more strategy to be killed than just tapping the screen. A big chunk of the game is, however, timing your weapons correctly when a lot of Zeds are flocked together. This will allow you to chain combos racking up extremely high amounts of points.

There”s a lot more to the game as well, as there are even boss fights and unlockables to be found in the game. With its distinctive art style and goofy way of playing you will feel right at home very quickly with this game. After I got into it and understood my goal, I had a blast with Zedsplode!

Our conclusion

Zedsplode, albeit a tad chaotic and weird at first, turned out to be a really fun game with a lot of interesting stuff going on. Especially the boss fights are very unique and although I still feel the game needs a lot more explaining throughout the missions figuring stuff out yourself shouldn”t be too hard. This should, however, never be an excuse but all in all I give the game a solid 8 and that concludes our review!

Zedsplode requires iOS 6.0 and is compatible with iPhone and iPad