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Apple TV 6.0 Pulled, Bricked Pucks Reported

Apple TV 6.0 Pulled, Bricked Pucks Reported

| On 23, Sep 2013

image19 Apple TV 6.0 Pulled, Bricked Pucks Reported

Apple released Apple TV 6.0 on Friday and then on Sunday, following widespread reports of bricked hobby pucks, has now pulled the update. For the technically literate, an Apple TV restore is no big deal.

Steve Jobs famously referred to the Apple TV as a hobby. However, with more than 13 million units sold on the back of a growing buffet of A-list content, Apple TV accounts for over 50 percent of the set top box market and is a very credible platform in its own right.

The release of Apple TV 6 on Friday and its subsequent withdrawal on Sunday probably won’t hurt Apple’s market position, but represents a black eye for the company nonetheless.

The withdrawal came after many users reported Apple TV 6.0 bricked their hockey puck-sized set top boxes.

Restoring a bricked Apple TV is a simple enough task (Apple Support Article), but it does require a Micro-USB cable. Rocket science, this ain’t.

Did Apple TV 6.0, which offers iTunes Radio and improved PhotoStream sharing, work for you or have you been scrambling to find the right USB cable?

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Via: iMore, Image: Engadget

  • Superguest

    Hm, bricked hobby pucks – very interesting! And in standard English this means what?

  • Helzguest

    That is standard English, and it means that the product due to the update was unusable. Another term you might have heard of is doorstop, same difference, Don’t knock the author when its very obvious what they are talking about.

  • Macman

    I have a second gen Apple TV and recently upgraded to version 6.0. It’s running fine with no issues, many new features, I like!!!

  • Robert

    I have third generation worked fine watvhed movies on it all weekend

  • Mario

    Huh, I have a 3rd gen ATV, and it worked fine after the update. Didn’t notice any problems this weekend.