BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10 was one of the most anticipated smartphone releases this year.  It may be available in the US sooner than we thought.

BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry Z10

According to, we’ll see one US carrier have the BlackBerry Z10 as soon as March 15th.  That’s good news for all you gadget lovers, and BlackBerry addicts alike.  The author of the article states:

“We’ve been getting many inquiries into the source of this information. We were able to sit in on a conference call from AT&T to their retail management and Wireless Advocates, which includes Costco and Staples. This is the information that was provided during the call.”

The article does not say whether it will actually be released, or just a release date announced   I’m hoping it will actually be available on the rumored date of March 15th.

BlackBerry Z10, Is It Too Late?

BlackBerry has seen a steady drop in market share over the years.  The company has taken on a whole new approach to the smartphone game, even going to far to change it’s leadership, and the company name.

Is there room for BlackBerry among Android and iOS?  Just ask Windows Phone.  While Windows Phone is not setting market on fire, they are slowly gaining ground.  So much so that they have passed the sinking BlackBerry platform for the third spot in the smartphone wars.

Not helping BlackBerry is the BYOD movement, and a lot of major companies switching from BlackBerry to iOS or Android as the company issued phone.  BlackBerry was once the standard for company phones, but fell behind when it refused to innovate.

What About The Other Carriers?

We’ve reported that Verizon is a ways off from a BlackBerry release.  T-Mobile is on board, with a sooner that later approach to making the BlackBerry Z10 available.  Either way, time is of the essence for BlackBerry, as two other highly sought after phones are coming soon: the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S 4.

Are there any BlackBerry addicts still out there?  And will you be upgrading?