iPad Mini 2 Release Date

It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago since the iPad Mini was released together with the iPad 4th Generation back in November, and consumers were understandably annoyed given the lack of time in between iPad releases. It was the first time Apple have released an updated product within 12 months of the previous generation, but if rumors are anything to go by, it may not be the last time this happens, with the iPad Mini 2 release date and iPad 5 expected to launch in March 2013.

Following on from this, word from Cupertino suggests Apple’s update schedule has been changed to a 6 month cycle, meaning we’ll see two new generations of iOS devices each year. That’s bad news for consumers if this is true, with the average contract – at least in the UK – lasting 24 months, so instead being 1 generation behind, consumers can expect to be 3-4 generations behind between contract upgrades.

iPad Mini 2 Retina Display

The iPad 5 is expected to feature a thinner and lighter design (as always), but there’s no word on updated components, but if Apple is releasing a new product every 6 months, we may start to see the component upgrades slow down slightly. As for the iPad Mini 2, it is expected to stay relatively the same design, but with updates to its internal processor and other components. Interestingly, there was no mention if the iPad Mini 2 has Retina display included, which if true will be a shock to most consumers as a lot were holding out on purchasing the iPad Mini in a hope waiting for a Retina model.

I’m undecided if a 6 month refresh cycle is a good idea or not; on the one hand we will have a constant upgrade with the latest hardware, but it sounds like an expensive hobby. If you have the money to afford to buy the latest gadget every 6 months then this can only be good news, but what about the rest of us?