With the iPhone 5 release date just one month away, new details and new photos have emerged about one of the most significant iPhone 5 features – the Mini Dock.

The first rumors about a redesigned dock on the iPhone 5 began in February, with iMore claiming that Apple would be introducing a completely new, smaller dock – and not just for the iPhone – but on all iOS devices.

iPhone 5 dock compared with the iPhone 4S

Various claims have been made about the number of pins the iPhone 5 dock would contain – with suggestions of 19 pins coming in from TechCrunch and Reuters in July, and more recently iLounge reported on an 8 pin connector. While the number of pins does actually influence the amount and type of data that can be transferred, it’s safe to assume that Apple engineers will choose the minimum necessary number.

What is interesting about the new iPhone 5 mini dock is that the images released by French site Nowhereelse.fr appear to show a smooth metallic ring inside the dock, similar to the MagSafe connector on Apple’s MacBook range. A MagSafe style dock connector for the iPhone 5 could allow for reversible insertion of the cable, as well as easier connection and disconnection.

iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S comparison

Besides the iPhone 5 dock, the latest batch of photos to appear also give hints at one of the other important iPhone 5 features – the display size. In the end-on view of the alleged new iPhone, you can clearly see that the iPhone 5 is wider than the iPhone 4S. This runs contrary to claims that only changes had only been made in the vertical height of the device to accommodate the new 4-inch screen.

The reported dimensions of the new iPhone are: 58.47 mm wide, 123.83 mm tall and 7.6 mm thick. The current iPhone 4S is 9.3 mm, so while the iPhone 5 will be both wider and longer – it will also be 18% thinner.

The iPhone 5 release date is reportedly scheduled in for a press event on September 12, where Apple is also expected to announce the iPad Mini.

Take a look at our complete iPhone 5 rumor roundup for full details on what iPhone 5 features to expect next month.

What do you think of the new mini dock? What other iPhone 5 features are you hoping to see on launch day? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  1. yeah right, the mini dock just made all our previous addon equiptment (speakers, docks etc) redundant….thank APPLE!!! A**Eholes

  2. Headphone jack does seem kinda dumb but I put my iphone in my pocket upside down to keep the pocket crap out of the connector and speakers.. so I would like it. Gotta say the new dock is a kick in the balls though… yeah… thanks apple. If they had to change the dock, why not use USB like every other phone in the world?

  3. 1) Although I am on the side of using uUSB, Apple has their reason for using proprietary connector – it can do a whole lot more than just USB. 2) I love the headphone jack on the bottom. I see a problem with charging in a dock + plugging in speakers, but I’m sure there’s a simple fix for that.

  4. It saves interior wiring space, which allows it to be smaller/lighter weight, and also reduces time in manufacturing.

  5. haha dude redundant isn’t even close to making any sense the way you used it. i think you mean obsolete. and calm down… you’re cursing at everyone who works for a company that makes phones. why? if you don’t like the new iPhone just keep your old one. it really isn’t a big deal. you’re getting way too worked up over a website that is publishing rumors. it could be that none of this is true. do you seriously believe everything you read on the internet, even when they are up-front about not even knowing for sure what the hell they are talking about? people want to know ahead of time, so other people try to predict for them. i bet you get mad at the weatherman too.

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