iphone hacks

The iPhone can do a lot of things, but because of Appleā€™s policy on software there can be limitations. This in turn has led many to jailbreak their iPhones and iPods in order to gain access to software that had been sanctioned by Apple. One of the newest iPhone hacks to catch the eye of jailbreakers is Auxo, a new spin on the multitasking bar.

With Auxo, users get a much taller multitaskingĀ bar that shows previews of what is going on in each app. Also now as opposed to holding down an app and waiting for a minus sign to appear, apps can be turned off simply by swiping downward. It even works with multitouch so you can use two fingers and swipe down two apps at the same time. And now, holding down an app will allow you to delete all the apps in the multitask tray at once. It also notifies you if an app is currently in use before deleting it. For music, you can blow up the album art of the music you are listening to in the same way you can with
Spotify on a desktop.

Auxo also introduces a slew of toggles to the multitask bar. For example there is the rotation toggle, wifi, airplane mode, Bluetooth, and other settings. Also by holding one of the toggles it will automatically take you to that page within Settings. You can even configure the toggles for the order they should appear. There is also a slider for adjusting screen brightness.

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All in all, Auxo looks like one of the more impressive iPhone hacks available. What started as a concept has become the real deal and there have been no errors reported as of yet. Among all of the iPhone hacks available, hopefully Apple takes note of this one when they are designing iOS 7.