09 Ways to Boost Your Stream with These Simple Hacks

The number of views you have on your stream can make a world of difference. Whether on Twitch or YouTube, your choice of platforms can be anything from one medium to another. All forums have different features and benefits worth exploring for individuals who wish to stay relevant with their viewers.

Don’t give up yet if you’re feeling discouraged after struggling to attract viewers! Here are some hacks that can make sure more people notice your stream.

1. Have Creative Titles

Livestream titles are crucial to getting viewers’ attention. Something like “Livestreaming Now!” will make people want to keep going because they know what awaits them next! Make your titles catchy and exciting so that people know what they’re about to watch, or else some will look away in confusion before you’ve even started streaming.

2. Use Bots

Streaming platforms can also help you manage your streams in various ways. Some bots help keep you focused on the content, while others act as artificial traffic moderators and keep things under control.

If you happen to be a Twitch streamer, you must know that managing views and broadcasting can get hard during a Livestream. Since you’re looking to boost your current viewership, consider getting a twitch viewer bot to increase your views. The viewer bot will help you follow, chat with friends in real-time as you play games together, or watch other streamers broadcasting themselves.

3. Invite Friends To Watch

Your friends can be your pillar of strength if you need to boost your viewership. Invite them to watch your live stream and even encourage them to invite more people. Don’t hesitate to reach out to those you collaborate with and post numerous content online. For example, suppose you’re a gamer. In that case, you can also invite those who play different games and encourage them to participate in your stream.

Once you get a steady number of views, your video can start trending and increase the chances of getting popular to a large viewing base.

4. Have Social Media

You need to become the ultimate cheerleader on social media, as you only have one public account, and others will use it if they see what kind of person you are. Share your content over social media blogs and use popular hashtags to get views. Once you start noticing the numbers pouring in, you should create a public group for your page and encourage your viewers to join.

If you win awards for streaming, make sure you highlight it as it allows you to make yourself into a brand that can quickly get a bigger audience. As you interact with your fans more, you get the opportunity to upscale your numbers. You should also create posts about each video you post online to provide viewers more context on what they can expect from each video.

5. Make Your Presence Known On Popular Platforms

When you’re part of the gaming community, there are a variety of platforms where people can find your stream. For example, they might turn to an online page and ask questions about what game or streaming session someone else is currently enjoying. When joining these communities, any query which relates in some way to your niche must be answered as soon as possible.

You can build a relationship with those on the forum, and then once they trust you enough to introduce your streaming channel, encourage them to subscribe. Popular platforms are great for talking about yourself and leaving many links behind so people will know who’s hosting this fantastic show.

6. Have An Uploading Schedule

Building a good fan base is all about consistency. You need to post often and keep your followers busy with content, so they know what kind of signature style you have, but if posting becomes inconsistent, then loyal viewers will slip away from the fold.

So next time you are streaming, make sure to have a schedule in place and stick with it.

7. Use High-Quality Equipment

When you’re streaming, you should use high-quality products for each session. These products make your videos look better and make you sound clearer. Viewers like streamers with clean footage and a voice with quality even if the content is not engaging. For you, it’s an excellent way to create a loyal fan base.

You can showcase your superior quality content and make numerous videos for viewers to explore. So even if they clicked on your video because your footage seemed good, you could keep them around with your content. As a streamer, never compromise on quality by using cheap items, making your streaming look grainy, or making your content frustrating to watch. 

8. Indulge In Giveaways

As a streamer, you will get the opportunity to give your followers something special. You can use cool overlays while streaming containing details such as prizes or incentives to engage viewers.

You can use giveaways as an excellent way of getting viewers on your stream. The reward system is a perfect incentive for people who want more information about what they’re watching and where to find it, which will increase views.

9. Discuss New Content

As a streamer, you should know that people enjoy fresh and new content. New topics are always enjoyable and give room for discussions. If you’re a gamer, you should purchase a demo and play the game with running commentary on the side to add to the experience.

Wrap Up

As a streamer, you know views matter in creating what you curate popular. Unfortunately, getting views is not easy, but some local hacks can help get the right kind of attention your way.

Make sure you’re all about posting on time so that users have a stable supply of good and quality content. Streaming is also about the quality of the videos you post; you can’t expect people to look your way if you don’t invest in making them happy. So get high-quality products and indulge them with giveaways to capture these views and make them into traffic. Coupled with your dedication, you get the attention your content craves, and you succeed as a streamer.