10 Important Features That Should be A Part of Your Enterprise Web App

You moved your business online years ago and built a strong and loyal clientele that not just appreciates, but even boasts of your services.

Well, Congratulations on That!!!

Now is the time that you need to take your business to new heights with custom web applications. The biggest issue is streamlining your business process and reaching a wider audience. Hiring a web app development company that can help you build a customized solution for your website would be of great help. You can easily incorporate some innovative and unique features that would help your business succeed.

To lure your customers, it is significant that you walk hand in hand with the new trends. To forge some interesting elements into your enterprise web application, you need to choose the best web app development company.

Let’s check a few trends that you may be missing out on.

1.  Logical Roadmap to Guide Your Customers

No doubt your website needs to be aesthetically pleasing, but what’s more important is it to serve its purpose the best. Before you start putting up efforts on modification, make sure you map out how the website would work.

This has an advantage when it comes to user engagement or search engine optimization. Wireframing, or mapping out and mocking up the website design is critical to make your website intuitive and user friendly.

2.   Highlight Crucial Business Information

Do not make the content on your website wordy. Gone are the days of websites filled with promotions and boasts about their services. The customers and Google both are interested in knowing your services and what gives you an edge over your competitors.

Use good images on your website, add engaging content, and put selective information and features into your website. An expert web designer would include images of previous works and some clients on the website to reflect the authenticity and quality of the work delivered in the past.

3.    Share Invoice Online

The best way to automate your business is through online invoicing, recurring billing, client/vendor panels, time tracking, workflows & more. Integrating online invoicing software with your web application can help you automate the billing process without generating a manual hard copy of the bills, effortless invoicing with multiple enterprise integrations can be customized as per your business needs.

You can save your resources, and make things cheaper and easier for you.

4.     Social Media Apps Under One Roof

Social media is an important part of our day to day lives. Not all social media apps are explored with the same intensity and excitement, but a few are frequently visited and people find it really difficult to switch between web apps and social media platforms. An all-in-one social media web app can help users access their social media platforms together in one go.

This would make it easier for the users to share and review your services at one go.

5.     Detailed Contact Information

This is an important part of your web app that needs to be written and maintained in a way that it reflects well. It is important that the visitors to the web app can find your contact information easier. When your visitor can see your contact information it becomes easier for them to trust your website and reach back to you.

Contact details add to the credibility of the website as the visitors would know where to go in case of any emergency.

Add an interesting line or catchphrase that would add to the engagement.

6.     Organize Clear Navigation

When someone visits your website and can’t find the tabs organized they would surely abandon the website. If you want to increase the time of visitors on the website, it is significant to have a structured menu on your web app so that your users know where to reach and how to reach.

This would also make the process easy and they would engage in more purchases thus increasing the profit of your business.

7.      Animation to Add to Quirkiness

Who doesn’t like little child-like things, when it comes to exploring things over the internet. Animations are an innovative kind of break from the monotonous, not so happening kind of websites the internet is loaded with. Adding some interesting and query animations on your web app would make it engaging and help you get the best results in no time.  Let your UI/UX design solution team come up with ideas that can keep your audience engaged.

If you want to hold your audience to your website you can always look to some interesting web app animations that would do the trick for you and make you stand out of the crowd.

8.  Content Management System to Take Care of the Troubles

Integrating an interesting content management system with your web app would make managing things easier and better. If you are looking forward to inexpensive solutions that can help you keep a flow of content on your web app without the need for technical knowledge of web programming or markup languages, then this is the right choice to consider.

A well-developed CMS would make it easier for you to edit and add plugins to existing functionality. Multiple users can make the changes and thus changes can be made.

9.  List Frequently Asked Questions

Customers have a lot of questions in their mind. Make sure your web app has a section that deals with all the important questions and offers clear and concise answers. Some of the common questions would revolve around materials and ingredients used (for allergy reasons), shipping information, company history, sizing (for apparel brands), and cancellation or return policies.

Your visitor needs to know everything before they make a big purchase.

10. Build a Mobile-Friendly Version

Most people now prefer to use their cell phones to make a purchase instead of using their systems. Having a responsive web app would make it much easier for you to connect with your target audience and reach the wider group.

Also, this would increase the probability of the purchase being made, and if the web app is easy to navigate you definitely are having a loyal customer base.

The Curve Ball: Features You Can Miss!!!

Simplicity is the highest virtue. Forgo some of these elements from your web app to make it simpler and user friendly.

  • Music
  • Flash
  • Anything that autoplay
  • Exaggerating information and media

More than engaging the visitors these elements divert their attention thus making it really confusing for them to proceed.

So, if you want your visitors to enjoy their journey on your website make sure they aren’t forced to entertain stuff that they are not interested in.

The Final Words!

Adding some interesting features to your web app would make it interesting and engaging. Also, these would add to the ease of your visitor’s experience. Some simple tricks can make things easier and well managed for your business.

Please share the features that you think would reflect well for you and how you can process them.

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