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ios 7 featuresWith Apple rumoured to be announcing iOS 7 in the coming months, there has been widespread debate over potential iOS 7 features.

With the iPhone 5s set to be released this summer, we’re almost certain that iOS 7 will accompany it. The only question is, what exactly will iOS 7 bring with it?

10 iOS 7 Features We Want To See

We’ve compiled ten features we’d love to see on the highly anticipated upcoming iOS 7 below.

1. Siri Customization
As a standalone application, Siri is fantastic. But we’d love to see Apple give us the option to customize it. For example, a choice of voices would be extremely welcome.

2. Divide Between Personal & Work
Blackberry introduced an extremely interesting feature in BlackBerry Balance. It allows the user to keep personal files and work related files completely separate. Apple would do well to introduce a similar feature in iOS 7.

3. Hide Apple Apps
Many of us prefer third-party alternatives to Apples standard web browsers, weather forecasts and so on. But on current versions of iOS, you can’t delete or hide these apps, even if you don’t want them. iOS 7 should try and resolve that issue.

4. Guest Accounts
An unlikely feature, but we’ll mention it anyway. We’d love to see iOS 7 allow a guest account to allow limited access to the device, keeping personal or work files hidden when needed. Something similar already exists on the Mac in OS X.

5. Automatic App Updating
App update notifications are a daily occurrence, especially once you download a lot of applications. Having to manually open the app store and update all the apps can be a drag, so an auto-update feature would be more than welcome.

6. Lock Screen Customization
The Lock Screen – even with creative backgrounds, is be very bland. We’d love to see Android-esque  customizable widgets and social network feeds available right there on our lock screens.

7. Change App Defaults
Opening links and other files will always be transferred to Apple’s default application. Even if you use another browser, opening a link will automatically open Safari. Being able to change the default options would be a great addition to iOS 7.

8. Multi-Tasking
Much like Windows Surface, iOS 7 could incorporate a multi-tasking system, allowing the screen to be split into two separate windows, running two separate apps. This may be asking too much of the smaller iPhone screens, but iPads could certainly benefit.

9. Offline Maps
Usually, we use our maps when we’re outside of our homes. Typically when we get a little lost. Coincidentally, it’s precisely these times when our Internet connection is at it’s weakest. Offline Maps accessible at any time would be most useful.

10. App Store Demos
Purchasing an app based purely on reviews can often be risky. Allowing demos in the app store may well encourage more eventual downloads if done correctly. We’d love to see that featured on iOS 7.

So there you have it, ten iOS 7 features we’d welcome with open arms. Many of them seem logical, but I’m sure only some of them will become a reality. Regardless, they are all interesting prospects.

Are you looking forward to iOS 7? What would you like to see Apple unveil regarding the upcoming iOS 7 features? Share your ideas in the comments section below!

  1. These features would make iOS 7 AMAZING! We’re telling Apple what we want, but they’ll still probably add crappy small features like iOS 6. I mean, it was a good update, but had nowhere near the amount of features as any other iOS version.

  2. Why wait when most of these have been in android for some time.,..Iphone gets further behind each year.

  3. @DavidB23:disqus – I can’t disagree with that. Apple really need to step it up if they are to compete with Android’s customization options.

    @google-b042bcca73a278e71ac18c80e3afbba1:disqus – Yep, they really would. But unfortunately, you’re right about the likelihood of Apple ignoring most of my suggestions!

  4. why do you want androidy things in an apple OS? If you want android features, get android. I want apple to have a design completely different than android but more modern.

  5. I just don’t understand people sometimes. Having a lock screen with so many little widgets on it will not even make it a lock screen anymore. First of all, it would probably kill your battery life since your phone would have to prepare to display so much information just when you wake your phone. Another problem would be security. If there was, for example, some kind of Twitter widget on the lock screen, a kid who takes your phone has easy access. Even a news feed widget would just mean access to more information without unlocking your phone. There might as well be a feature to turn off the lock screen if everyone is too impatient to unlock their phone and open an app.

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