Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company’s new insanely-thin all-in-one desktop, at least the 21-inch model, would arrive in November. The company is now saying it will keep its 2012 iMac ship date promise with product to begin arriving in stores at the last possible moment — Friday, November 30.

How important is that a desktop computer is really, really thin? We are about to find out.

Apple has announced that its 5 millimeters at the edge iMac will begin shipping on November 30, which is the last day of the month. That said, if you want a 21-inch iMac on the day it ships, you will need to pick up at an Apple Store or a “select retailer” (i.e. Best Buy) because online orders don’t start until Friday.

Additionally, although pre-orders for the 27-inch start on Friday, Apple won’t ship until December. Although that’s only a few days away, one suspects the company will once again push out delivery — New Year’s Eve, anyone?

It is widely believed that Apple’s difficulty in meeting its stated product delivery goals is directly related to the transition away from Samsung as a display supplier — LCD panel assemblies for the 2012 are being supplier exclusively by LG Electronics. Similar delivery and supply issues have also plagued the iPad mini.

So, which is the bigger issue for you — the 2012’s iMac 5mm at the side thinness or Apple’s decision not to include an optical drive?

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