The world was waiting for the iPhone 5, yet Apple saved the biggest updates for the 2012 iPod touch

The world was waiting for the iPhone 5, yet Apple saved the biggest updates for the 2012 iPod touch. No, it won’t sweep the floors or make mimosas for you, but Apple’s best-selling media player has a 4-inch Retina display display, 5MP camera, improved FaceTime camera, LED flash, A5 chip and greatly improved battery.

Mo’ better battery, huh? With 40 hours of music and 8 hours of video playback, consumers get battery performance that’s equal to the old model, while bringing home new functionality bacon — bigger display, better cameras and a much, much faster processor.

On the subject of cameras, the FaceTime camera now captures 1.2MP (702) resolution and the still photo side delivers 5MP, five-element lens + 2.4 aperture + Autofocus, LED flash, tap to focus video or still images, Panorama image stitching, HDR captures, hybrid IR filtering and more.

And, Siri. This feature is going to reduce the number of times every day my kids say, “Dad, what’s the _____? Dad, where do I _______? How many whatevers guzinta a whozywhatsit?” This is a big deal.

Apple’s, of course, made the 2012 iPod touch lighter and thinner — 88g vs 101g, 6mm thin vs 7.2mm. These things are significant given all of the new hardware-based functionality baked into this device, which is still a product category unto itself that now comes in five colors.

2012 iPod touch pricing

The world was waiting for the iPhone 5, yet Apple saved the biggest updates for the 2012 iPod touch, though the pricing could have been more aggressive.

The one “wait a minute” thing about the 2012 iPod touch is pricing. Last year’s iPod touch is still around at $199 and $249 (16GB, 32GB), while the new, new models come in at $299 and $399 (32GB, 64GB). Honestly, all of these products would have benefited by being priced $10 (or more) less, though that would have thrown off Apple’s ever symmetrical and apparently utterly rigid price grid.

Still, the new 2012 iPod touch is a rather impressive device. I for one very much like all of the improvements Apple’s baked into the 2012 iPod touch…

And, you?

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  1. Personally I’m not impressed! Honestly, if they really expect me to fork out another $300 after just doing so for the iPod Touch 4 less than a year ago, then they will have to do better!!!

  2. they don’t, there will be plenty of others who didn’t upgrade to the four who will buy this, and yes, there are also others who will buy each years item, and finally me, who is stuck with a second gen with a cracked screen…

  3. I really wanted a good camera on the touch, hence purposefully didnt upgrade to the 4th gen (cause of the crap camera). Now, after 2 years of waiting, Apple has answers my prayers!! This will be a worthy upgrade from my 3rd gen 😀

  4. I would love to buy a new iPod, but I’m hugely disappointed that it doesn’t have 3G. I want an internet device I can use anywhere, like an iPhone or iPad with 3G but more portable. As it is, if you want everywhere internet access on an iPod you have to carry around a MIFI device as well. I would prefer to stay with Apple, but if someone else comes out with a 3G or 4G enabled device smaller than a tablet, I will be interested.

  5. No I don’t need a phone, I make and receive very few calls and those I can make using Skype over 3G or the Magicjack app. We are moving to an era when the phone is no longer a device but just another app. There are dozens of phone apps now, beyond the two I have mentioned. There is also research that says many smartphone users use their phones more for internet access and other things than they do for phoning. Thus, many people don’t need a phone or at least not such an expensive one as an iPhone.

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