The iPod is dead! Long live the iPod touch! While Apple is dressing its 2015 iPod product line in five fresh new colors, only the 2015 iPod touch has been truly upgraded. With its A8 processor and M8 graphics coprocessor, Apple”s updated flagship media player is much faster than than its predecessor, yet artificially slower than the iPhone 6.

It”s here — the 2015 iPod touch in five fancy new colors. And, according to the benchmarks, the sixth generation touch and its fully 64-bit processor is up to fives times faster than its predecessor, which was released way, way back in 2012.

It also has 1GB RAM, double the 5G”s complement. Unchanged is the 4-inch Retina display.


Not surprising.

What is a little unusual if not irritating, in addition to the lack of Touch ID, is the fact that the 2015 iPod touch is slower, artificially so, than the iPhone 6. The sixth-gen touch has an A8 online casino processor running at 1.1GHz, clocked 300MHz less than the A8 found in the iPhone 6.


It even lags the iPhone 5s and its A7 chip in many tests.

On the plus side, the sixth-gen touch includes updated 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.1. It also has support for Apple Maps, which works surprisingly well in dense urban environments.

For the 2015 iPod touch”s target demographic — teens, tweens and kids — they will simply notice how fast it is, especially if they owned a previous generation model. Moreover, the sixth generation touch has a greatly improved 8MP camera, which makes this $199 and up device a pretty good buy.

“The 2015 iPod Touch is more than just a music device,” writes Tech Times” pundit Sumit Passary. “It can attract many people who are looking for a device primarily to run apps or play games.”

All the better, especially if you”re a parent, because all of this 2015 iPod touch goodness doesn”t require a wireless service contract…

What”s your take?

  1. I’m gonna buy one for myself and I’m not a kid!

    Major upgrade–HUGE,

    The only partial question is whether to consider buying a previous generation iPhone to use as an iPod Touch…

  2. I just got an iPhone 5 + Freedom Pop. If I hadn’t, the 2015 iPod touch would be at the top of my list!

  3. Bought one day one for my 13 year old son; he had an Android phone, but said he never talked on the phone or used minutes. He said he rather have a cheap emergency paygo phone + the brand new ipod Touch. This works for him because he already had a GV number. Now he can make calls and texts over wifi at home or when there’s a signal. In a true emergency, he will have a cheapo phone in his backback. His sister has an iphone and he’s been wanting one. Sorry. Not paying for an iphone for a 13 year old. This way, we now have the Apple Music family plan, and he has downloadable, offline music and games for car rides (all he used the phone for mostly, anyway). I can ditch his cell plan and save myself money each month. After using the Ipod for three days, I asked him if he was absolutely certain he wanted to go this route – and he is. Worth the $199. Frankly, I’ve done the dumbphone +I pod combo, and might again, seeing how this is so much nicer than previous versions.

  4. I had been using a Moto RAZR (flip phone) and iPad for years with no real complaints. However, with my parents moving to AARP phones, I saw an opportunity to ditch Verizon — it’s good to be free of Verizon.

  5. I activated a leftover Sprint-based phone on RingPlus for him; 250 min and 500 texts — for nothing. $0.00. Perfect to throw in his backpack. He loves the iPod.

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