4 Reasons To Swap Your Posters With Digital Signage

Digital signage has proven itself as a revolutionary marketing and communications tool for a wide range of businesses. It has a high success rate in attracting customers, improving business efficiency, and boosting sales. The benefits of digital signage far outweigh those of static signage, providing many reasons why businesses should swap posters with digital signage.

From multimedia capabilities to environmental benefits, here are 4 reasons why your business should swap posters with digital signage.

1.    Multimedia Content and a Vast Range of Features

Businesses are consistently looking for ways to stand out above competitors. Digital signage provides the perfect solution to this. While there is little a business can do with a traditional poster due to its static nature, digital signage has the capability for a vast range of features that can make any business jump out.

The possibilities of digital signage are near endless. Features include image slideshows, videos, social media, animated text, live TV, countdowns, RSS feeds and more. These multimedia capabilities bring your advertising displays to life, giving your business new and exciting ways to deliver messages to potential customers.

Importantly, businesses want to get their messages across as quick and easy as possible. According to science, the human brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Significantly, customers retain 95% of a marketing message when watching a video, compared to only 10% from text-based messages. As a result, your business should swap posters with digital signage to improve communication efficiency internally and externally.

Multimedia content can also bring financial success for your business; 78% of video marketers claim video directly increased their sales, and 84% of people say they have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. Static posters fail to provide businesses with the opportunity to truly optimise their content, swap posters with digital signage to bring about a high ROI.

2.    Attention-Grabbing High-Brightness Screens

Beyond the multimedia capabilities of digital signage, the high brightness and colour-vibrant screens ensure people notice content. When a static poster is plastered onto a wall, many people walk straight past. Comparatively, whether a digital menu in a football stadium or a digital window display at an estate agents, bright electronic screens turn heads and spark interest in potential customers.

The high brightness levels of digital signage commercial-grade screens also mean that content is always visible even in direct sunlight. This allows for digital signage to be situated indoors or outdoors. Moreover, due to developments in technology, digital signage screens now have climate control, weatherproofing, waterproofing, dust-proofing, and sunlight-readable technology. As a result, unlike static posters that wither from human and weather conditions, high-brightness digital signage continues to grab attention throughout its lifespan.  

Customers want content that is easy to read and understand. Unlike static posters that are often crowded with information or small print, electronic screens provide enough space to present large, readable text visible from the front or the back of the queue. This clarity on high-brightness and colour-vibrant screens makes it easy for customers to see your content and, as a result, interact with your business. Swap posters with digital signage to draw passers-by in.

3.    Environmentally Friendly

Between 2001 and 2019, the world lost 386 million hectares of forest. Of global wood harvest, 42% goes towards making paper. From printing external posters to internal bulletin board messages, businesses are a prime culprit in wasting paper; the average office worker uses an expected 10,000 sheets of paper per year. Businesses should swap posters with digital signage to reduce this figure.

By using posters for internal and external communication, every time a change to information occurs, more posters must be printed. This manual task is not only time-consuming for staff but also unsustainable. Alongside reducing paper usage and deforestation, by swapping to digital signage, businesses save water, reduce their CO2 emissions, and shrink their use of unsustainable materials, such as ink and plastic.

Research has found that 76% of people in the UK are “very concerned” or “fairly concerned” about global warming. This fact signals how businesses should be actively turning to sustainable solutions to attract and retain customers. Digital signage for businesses is a long-lasting method of communication; many screens now last over 10 years. Additionally, due to sleep mode and automatic brightness adjustment, power usage can be kept to a minimum while simultaneously reducing harmful gas emissions. Swap posters with digital signage to demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

4.    Easy To Update And Manage

Improving the efficiency of business operations is a prime goal of many organisations. Advancements in efficiency can free up time for other tasks and help in the seamless delivery of exceptional customer service, evoking purchases.

Once a poster has been printed and put up, the content cannot be changed without redesigning, reprinting, and replacing every poster. Additionally, some staff forget about printed signage and promotions are left to expire, leaving customers disappointed. Swap posters with digital signage to free up staff time and improve efficiency in updating displayed content.

Digital signage software allows content to be updated from one central location and displayed on-screen immediately with the click of a button. This functionality reduces the manual labour in updating and replacing print content and ensures content does not get left up past its expiry date. Alternatively, schedule content to display on-screen at a specific time and day. This planning ensures content aligns with your marketing business strategy and reduces the pressure of updating content in the moment.

Digital signage content is easy to update and manage for all staff, from absolute beginners to technical geniuses. Swapping posters for digital signage improves business operations, enhancing efficiency for staff and customers.

Ultimately, swapping posters with digital signage leads to one key goal for any business – increased sales. Digital signage captures attention with its multimedia capabilities and high-brightness screens, appeals to an increasing number of green customers, and is easy to update and manage, giving customers the up-to-date information they need and want. As a result, digital signage can bring your business higher conversion rates, growth, and success.