4 Ways to Earn by Playing Real-Money Games

Playing games and making money are probably two of the most favorite things everyone wants to do. The good news is that it’s possible and available on several different fronts.

Here are some ways you can do to get paid real money playing video games.

Stream on YouTube or Twitch

Gaming has become such a popular niche that people are paying others to play games. They watch and partake in the event with other fans and tip when they want to support their favorite streamers.

Currently, the two best platforms for streaming games are Twitch and YouTube. They pay money depending on how many viewers you have, and Twitch has a tip system where you get paid through tips.

Play Lotto Online

Online lotto has replaced traditional lotto as the go-to betting platform since the onset of the pandemic. Instead of having to go to a store you can just sign up at Lotto SSGAME350, place a bet and hope your number gets called.

Placing a bet only takes a few minutes, and you’re playing a numbers game as well.

Start a Blog

If you love playing and writing about games then you can turn this passion into a money-making engine.

Set up a web blog and post to attract an audience, then you’ll have a chance to monetize your site by advertisement or by recommending games and gear and getting a cut when your visitors check them out or buy them.

Sell Within a Game

It’s not unusual for popular games to have a micro-economy where people can buy or sell loot, in-game currency and accounts.

You can find these types of games and join them, then spend time playing and accumulating items. These items can be sold on the auction block or marketplace in exchange for in-game gold or even real money.