Supporting charities and organizations that help people and animals is extremely important; often times those people and animals rely solely on the assistance of those who are willing to help. These days, it’s easier than ever to support important causes with the help of your smartphone. These 4 ways of supporting those causes can make it easy and convenient to help those who need it.

Charity Miles

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Charity Miles is a great app for individuals who are active; those who swim, run, bike or walk regularly. The app is free for smartphones and the tool tracks you as you cover the miles in whatever way you choose. For instance, if you’re riding a bike, you can earn 10 cents per mile. If you’re running or walking, you can earn 25 cents per mile. Charities and organizations are updated continuously and you can choose one of the ones already signed up or have your favorite charity contact and join Charity Miles.

Volunteer Match

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If you can’t afford to donate money but want to do something to help nearby charities, you can utilize Volunteer Match to find local volunteering opportunities. With nearly 90,000 organizations participating, it should be easy to find something nearby that you can help with. You can save opportunities and share them with your friends and family to drum up more help for the charity. This app is free and is available for iPhones and other Apple devices, but you can reach their website to register on any Internet-capable device.




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With this app, you learn to give up some of the things you don’t really need and give the money instead to a charity that can really use it. For instance, you might pledge to skip your lunchtime frappuccino and give the $4 per day to a charity of your choice. You operate everything from inside the app after linking your credit card so it’s easy and convenient.

Global Giving

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Global Giving is a unique kind of app that allows you to search for charities or organizations and either volunteer to help or donate funds. Using a map, you’re able to quickly find organizations that are nearby. You’re able to keep up with the progress of the charity so you can see exactly how your money (or time) has benefited recipients of the charity as well. This one is free for the iPhone and allows you to be more involved with the charity you’ve chosen to help.

With the convenience and ease these days, there’s really no excuse not to help out those that are less fortunate than you. So, whether you want to help PETA protect innocent and defenseless animals or you want to make sure a child has a warm blanket and good water to drink, it’s easy to accomplish all from your smartphone. Simply find your favorite app today and stand up for those who could really use your help.

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