500 Coloring Pages App

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What’s up Tapscape readers, today we have an app review for you that might be just a tad more interesting for your children. Today we’re reviewing 500 Coloring Pages by Playground, a small mobile app development studio based in Poland.

As the name suggests it’s a coloring app for your iPad and iPhone and with 500 different ones to choose from I guess it’ll take a while for your children to get bored with it.

Let’s start coloring

Upon booting up the app it’s a little unclear where to go from there. The app opens up with a black and white print of an owl and right off the bat you can use the tools on the left of the screen to color it in. It took me some time to figure out where everything is, as it was kind of unclear from the icons to see what they did.

500 Coloring Pages has all the tools it needs to give your children a fun time drawing. You can select a bunch of pre-selected colors (not all colors which I guess is kind of a downer) and even use an eye-dropper tool to select previously used colors.

You can select info on the left for a little more help but once you know to tap the map icon to select your drawings it all is pretty straightforward (even for the kids). Now the coloring pages are divided into three difficulty sections, making it easy for you or your child to select the amount of effort it takes to draw in certain pictures.

After selecting these there are also the subcategories, which divide the drawings to their respective style. For example, there are fantasy fairy drawings, cars, animals and so on. With 500 coloring pages there really is a lot to choose from and although the quality of the app is not always too consistent (technical lags and glitches occur) it’s a creative playground for kids and that is what counts.

Our conclusion

500 Coloring Pages lacks quality in some aspects with rigged lines and frequent glitches here and there but in the end it’s a wonderful app for children to play around with. The categories the drawings are in differ strongly so kids can really get a feel of drawing in different things.

500 Coloring Pages is bought for just two bucks making it a lot more cheap than going out to buy an actual coloring book but then again I wonder what kids really find more fun.

500 Coloring Pages requires iOS 8.1 and is compatible with iPad and iPhone