iPhone mini

The iPhone mini rumor is one that just won’t die and now, Topeka Capital analyst Brian White has thrown his two cents in and believes that a lower-price iPhone is one that we’ll see in 2013.

iPhone mini


According to a Feb. 11 Forbes report, White said that he is “confident” that Apple will launch a less expensive iPhone this year, perhaps as early as June. The device may be called the iPhone mini or the iPhone Air.

In addition, White believes that the iPhone mini will be priced between $250 to $350:

“A $250-$300 price range would also be competitive with China-based Xiaomi that offers a high-end phone experience at a mid-range price of ~$320 in China. We believe a $250-to-$300 price point will allow Apple to significantly expand its reach in the smartphone market and better address developing markets such as China, while opening up more opportunities in Brazil, Russia, India and elsewhere.”

White also believes that the arrival of the iPhone mini “could help spur a distribution deal with China Mobile, the world’s single largest mobile carrier.”

As with any rumors, we advise you to take this one with a grain of salt. Still, a cheaper iPhone could be just the shot-in-the-arm that Apple needs and one that could help the Cupertino-based company continue their iOS revolution.

Do you think we’ll see an iPhone mini by the middle of the year? Would you consider picking one up if it was priced between $250 and $350? Share your thoughts in the comments below!