I’ve been playing Angry Birds for the past 5 days and still haven’t managed to make it through the first level. The premise of the game is a group of birds have their eggs stolen by a group of pigs, and are now seeking revenge. In the game the birds are loaded into catapult-like structures and then you shoot them from those structures into the pigs.

If you’ve been looking for a game you can play pretty much indefinitely, this is it. The first level has 189 different boards to clear, the second 126 different boards, and the third and final level 90. There are also easter eggs hidden throughout the entire game that have to be found and then collected as you play. For only $1 in the iTunes store, that makes Angry Birds quite the bang for your literal buck. This is not a game you’re going to be done with in just a few days, or even a a few weeks unless you are very, very ambitious.

As one who loves puzzle-type games, I thought Angry Bids was great. The only action you’re completing in each board is trying to shoot birds from the catapult into a pile of pigs. That said, with each board the pigs area arranged and protected in different ways, and you’re supplied with different sized birds. Each board forces you to create a new unique plan of attack. Despite my video game prowess I have yet to be able to complete a board with my first attempt. Each board clearing attempt also takes somewhere between 30 seconds and a minute (depending on your own personal speed) so the game is one that can easily picked up and put back down again without loosing any progress. I’d recommend the game for anyone who is looking for something mentally challenging that can be played during a morning commute, or at a bar waiting for friends.

Angry Birds is available now in the iPhone store for $.99. There is also a free Lite version of the game available for you non-committal types who want to give the game a try before purchasing the full app.