Rovio has released yet another update to Angry Birds Rio, adding fifteen more levels of bird flinging fun. The new stages comprise the first half of the unspoiled “Airfield Chase” episode. Besides the fresh airfield environment, the update additionally adds four new achievements to ‘Rio’.

The update also introduces Big Brother Bird to ‘Rio’ for the first time. As with the other episodes, each stage sports a hidden fruit for dedicated gamers to discover. In “Airfield Chase”, players are given the challenge to search for Apples.

This most recent update brings the total number of stages to an impressive 135. When Rovio finally completes the game’s update cycle in November, Angry Birds Rio will offer at least 180 unique stages. Gamers using an iPhone or iPod Touch can grab the update here. As for iPad users, the HD update can be found here.

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    Well, it’s good to know that the Mighty Eagle has finally
    landed in Angry Birds Rio. I don’t know why Rovio made it this long to make the
    character available to other versions of the game. Congratulations to Rovio for
    making the updates faster, now we don’t have to wait a lifetime for updates.

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