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If you’re studying AP Economics then you need this app.

With content covering both Macroeconomics and Microeconomics classes, the AP Economics – Up Down Study app from CheongShim International Education Research Institute is a comprehensive prep course for the general AP Economics test.

There are 14 units in total, structured to cover both macro and micro economic concepts, including the following topics:

  • Basic Economic Concepts
  • The Nature and Functions of Product Markets
  • Production and Cost
  • Firm Behavior and Market Structure
  • Factor Markets
  • Market Failure and the Role of Governments
  • Theory of Consumer Choice
  • Long-run Macroeconomics
  • AD & AS Model
  • Foreign Exchange Market
  • Phillips Curve
  • Macroeconomic Data
  • Central Bank & Money Supply
  • Macroeconomic Policy

Tapping on any one of the individual units opens up a page that presents the key information in a simple and clear fashion. There is a scarcity of text and explanation as the app is designed as a review of content rather than a textbook, but both equations and graphs are presented in such a way that the take-home message is always clear.

AP Economics – Up Down Study Review is so-named as once a unit is opened, you just swipe up or down to move between units. It’s an efficient navigation system and allows you to quickly move between topics. If you want to bookmark a page for later reference you simply have to tap the start in the right-hand corner of the screen.

Besides the ‘Study Section’, there is also a part of the app dedicated to Famous Economics Majors from politics, sports and the arts, as well as the Best Economics Universities in the USA.

Authored by Dr. Dongwook Han, a Michigan State University Economics PhD with 10 years of teaching experience, AP Economics – Up Down Study Review is an essential buy for anyone preparing for the AP Economics exam. At just $3.99, it’s a sound investment in a good test score.

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