For those waiting for Apple’s massive discount sale on their Store tomorrow for Black Friday will be sadly disappointed. If you were waiting for some savings before you buy your next iOS device or Mac then you may be in luck with Apple’s new approach to Black Friday.

It seems that this year Apple are offering up gift cards instead of discounts on certain products.



Rather than offer up straight discounts off the RRP like many retailers do with Black Friday, Apple are encouraging you to come back for more by providing a gift card. With a gift card, Apple are certain to retain your business as you’ll want to claim the value of that gift card in their store, whereas a simple discount is a one-off sale where Apple lose out.

Apple Black Friday

Black Friday is already underway in Australia, so by looking at the AU Apple Store we can gauge just what sort of discounts we expect to see from Apple around the world, and there aren’t any. Instead, you’re presented with this gift card scheme, so it can be assumed this will be the approach Apple will take worldwide.

Customers can get up to AU$150 ($137) with the purchase of a new Mac, AU$75 ($68) with a new iPad, and AU$50 ($46) with a new iPod. How this will translate into USD and GBP remains to be seen; whether it will be a straight conversion is probably highly unlikely when it comes to the different applicable taxes etc.

Despite not offering up hard discounts as many were hoping, gift cards may just sway that purchasing decision for that new iPad as you can get a nice cover with the redemption of the gift card.

Let us know your thoughts to Apple’s approach in the comments section below, and most importantly if it’s swayed your purchasing decisions.

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