And, the patent is just a piece of paper… By the time Steve Jobs and Apple had redefined their fourth and fifth, respectively, universe-denting product category — Macintosh, PowerBook, iPod, iPhone and iPad — people were already imagining what an Apple electric car would look like.

Liviu Tudoran’s doodles and renders — image above and video below the fold — are among the more accomplished visions of the Apple electric car.

Although Cupertino, CA company likely won’t design, build and sell the Apple electric car, one checkbox item needed before it could has been checked. Patently Apple reports that the US Patent & Trademark Office has received a patent for the Apple Electric Car, Inc.


“Is this proof of Apple entering the electric car business? – Of course not,” writes Patently Apple. “It’s likely just a one in a million fluke that it appeared on today’s list of granted patents for Apple.”

Yes, the Apple electric car patent is definitely one of the more oddball patents Apple has been granted. And, as emphatically pointed out by Patently, this patent is proof of nothing.

Nevertheless, I hope Tudoran and others feel renewed interest in the Apple electric car and produce some nifty renders — I love it…

What’s your take?

Via: Benzinga, Source: US Patent & Trademark Office, Image: Liviu Tudoran via PsiPunk

  1. A non-existant “icar” from a dead guy who, yes its true he’s stil dead, will never design anything again. Ooh, must be Apple.

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