Clearing up some recent contradicting rumors, This is my next are reporting that the iPhone 5 will feature a completely redesigned form-factor, being both lighter and smaller than the iPhone 4. But perhaps wisely, Apple have been testing iPhone 5 components in iPhone 4 casings, most likely in a bid to avoid a repeat of the stolen iPhone 4 debacle which has led to multiple rumors of an “iPhone 4S”

Simply put, as the iPhone 5 components are built for a smaller and lighter device, they can be easily fit into a casing which for all intents and purposes looks identical to an iPhone 4… and that’s exactly what Apple has been doing. Our sources tell us that the company has been testing the new components in old iPhone cases, for obvious reasons.

Despite the flurry of recent reports and rumors, Apple is still capable of maintaining an impressive veil of secrecy around upcoming devices. More details are likely emerge as we move closer to the presumed September release date.

[this is my next]