Apple HTML5One of the trademarks of Apple is that it makes its own products obsolete. The introduction of the iPhone killed sales of iPods, the iPad is supposedly killing laptops, and the rumored iPad Mini may actually start replacing the iPad. Regardless, Apple tries to prepare for whatever they think will be the next big thing in the mobile space. With that in mind, their most recent acquisition creates some interesting speculation.

The acquisition in question is that of Particle, an HTML5 Web app consultancy firm. They have worked with the likes of Sony, Google, and even have helped Apple in the past with elements of its iTunes ecosystem.

Particle has this to say about its focus on HTML5, a Web standard the company says it: “Sees as being at the core of the next generation of applications both on the Web and embedded in various contexts.

It adds: “Particle has chosen to focus on this technology so intensely because we believe it will soon be the rendering engine that powers a new universe of light weight and embedded applications from set top boxes to game consoles to Chrome OS and Android devices to portable telephony and media devices of all kinds.”

This creates some interesting possibilities as the mobile space is where Apple has been making and will continue to make their mark. The Particle acquisition also brings into light two previous predictions by Apple. The first was that Flash would eventually die out and be replaced by HTML5. The second was that the introduction of the tablet would initiate a post-PC era. With Particle, Apple is definitely looking to the future in making their mobile OS more expansive as to what people will be able to do on their tablets and smartphones and how they will interact with content across the Web.

What are your thoughts on the acquisition and the future of HTML5 on mobile devices?

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