Apple has today launched a promotion for online hardware purchases which offers financing at a 0% interest rate on any purchase over £449. The promotion, which is due to end on the 10th January, is available across most European countries including the UK, France, Italy, and Spain.

Apple 0% Finance

In the UK, the repayments can be spread over 10 monthly installments with 0% interest. In other countries, the window seems to be longer at 12 months.

As mentioned, the Apple finance 0% option is advertised as a limited time offer and the terms and conditions state that the promotional rate is only available until midnight on January 10th.

Furthermore, the promotion is only applicable to hardware purchases. While software can be included in the promotion, it must be purchased as a bundle in conjunction with a hardware purchase.

The usual repayment options are still available but are charged at the usual rate (24 months = 14.9% interest). It is only the 10 and 12 months options (country dependent) which offer 0%.

So if you were longing for that MacBook Pro or perhaps that MacBook Air but didn’t quite have the money to purchase it, now is a good time to finance the purchase using Apple’s 0% promotion. Each transactions is subject to a credit check however, and this eligibility criteria does differ across countries, so be sure to check you are eligible for credit and can afford to pay the repayments before getting into debt.

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