A recently published Apple patent application suggests that the superpower is investigating display technology that would allow devices to switch between e-Ink and video displays on call.

Entitled “Systems and Methods for Switching Between an Electronic Paper Display and a Video Display,” Apple’s latest patent describes a device with a unique display that contains a touch-sensitive surface, an electronic paper display, and a video display. Although e-Ink electronic paper is specifically mentioned in the application, the patent mentions that any suitable electronic ink display can be applicable. By using customizable microcapsules within the electronic ink display, the boneless screen could be made to appear transparent, allowing for viewing of a video display— either LCD or OLED.

The future of the iPhone?

In addition, the patent describes a system of regions within the displays that could be used to show both the electronic paper display and the video display in different areas of the screen at the same time, allowing for an uncomprehensible hybrid effect According to the patent, the device could automatically choose which display technology to use based on color composition or rate of change. As with all Apple patents, take this application as a grain of salt — it does not guarantee any future product release from Apple, but instead offers evidence of Apple’s technological research.

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