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apple tabletsOwners of Apple Tablets will be gripping their devices slightly tighter after reading the latest Tablet repairability review and cross-comparison.

According to leading gadget & repair website, Apple Tablets are incredibly difficult to disassemble & repair in relation to their competitor’s devices.

In fact, four out of the bottom five devices with the worst repairability scores were Apple Tablets. With the list having a total of eighteen reviewed Tablets, It’s safe to say that this was one record Apple were hoping not to break.

iFixit state that the main repairability issues surrounding Apple Tablets, namely the iPad 2, 3 ,4 as well as the iPad Mini, are as follows:

1. Battery is difficult to remove and replace.
2. High chance of cracking the glass during dis-assembly.
3. Excessive amounts of adhesive holds everything in place.
4. Hidden screws complicate dissasembly.

Surprisingly, iFixit commend the original iPad for being the easiest Apple Tablet to disassemble & repair.

The only Tablet which comes off worse than the iPad Mini score-wise, is the Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet. iFixit state that there is, ‘tons of adhesive’ and that opening the front panel of the device poses a risk to the display cables.

View the full list of Tablets & their scores here.

What do you think of the poor repairability shown by the various Apple Tablets? Is this an issue Apple need to address regarding future Tablet designs? Share your views in the comments section below!

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