Apple has just released the new iMac, new set of Macbook’s, new iPhone, new iPad and iPad Mini, new iPod Touch and iPod Nano, iOS6 and a few new software apps and updates, but they are already planning a new line of devices.

As we know, Apple normally splits their year into two occasions, summer and October, the summer event is usually for developers, like iOS6 was and the October event is for actual products. It seems this year there will be a change, and the release of two of their biggest selling devices will be in summer.


If we’ve seen anything from Apple these past two months, it is their urgency to get everything to market. Apple seem to be a company on the front of releasing new products and while this may upset the customer, who spent all their wallet buying the new Apple device, it certainly brings Apple more profit.

This seems to be the richest company in the world’s idea of showing how dominate and quick they can be in the market. They don’t seem like stopping now, if the report from China Times is to be believed. According to the report, unknown sources have confirmed the three new devices Apple are making.

The report says that industry sources have told them that Apple are working on a new phone, tablet and something called iTV. The iPhone 5S is what the phone will apparently be called, this could be true, considering Apple have continued this trend of adding the ‘S’ since the third generation iPhone.

It could also be true that Apple are looking for a complete upgrade of their iPad tablet, with Apple only just changing the iPad’s core features on the fourth generation. We believe they will look for higher resolution, faster speeds, longer battery life and possible keyboard compatibility.

iTV has been rumoured for years and each time it turns out to be fake – the idea of Apple making their own television has been rumoured time and time again. We find that if anything, the new iTV will be a box that is the new Apple TV.

  1. I hope this time Apple can keep its products well because the iphone 5 had been exposed before its launch many times by ETrade Supply, 9to5Mac, iFixit, Macrumors

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