Following OS X Mavericks reaching Gold Master status a few days ago, Apple already begun to focus on their next milestone following reports. Sources state that Apple have moved their engineering teams’ focus onto iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 code-named Syrah.

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Nightly builds have already begun to become available for installation by Apple employees according to sources, stating that they begun compiling for testing in early September. It’s suggested that current Syrah builds are almost identical to the latest Gold Master of OS X Mavericks, indicating development has not fully picked up on Syrah yet.

Apple iOS 8 and 10.10 Syrah

Sources continue, stating that the Syrah build is still in early development having seen approximately 30 seeds so far. To emphasise how early Syrah is in development, the first OS X Mavericks Developer Preview was build 476, so it’s still got a way to go before it sees external eyes.

Furthermore, in an additional report that has surfaced, Apple have also started development on iOS 8. Not too much is known about the next version of iOS but it is expected it will revolve around enhancements to Maps and Siri for features that will aid in car integration.

As for a release date for iOS 8, it probably won’t be until late 2014, probably around the time when the iPhone 6 will be due to launch. Usually Apple will not release a major software release just to fix bugs, so expect the iOS 7.x naming convention to be retained for the near future.

Apple has yet to announce the release date of their OS X Mavericks software, but more should be known around the October 28th when Apple have said it will update investors on the new Operating Systems progress.

What do you expect Apple will include in iOS 8 or OS X Syrah, or more importantly what would you like included? Drop us a comment below.

  1. Personally, I’d like to see more security options built-in to OS X, like PGP/GPG, Two-factor auth for login, etc. Would also be nice to see better integration with existing apps. When I get Twitter notification in Notification Center, I’d like to click it and be taken to the event in the official Twitter app, not on the site. I’d really like to see Apple document the OS a bit more for the geeks among us like myself who enjoy tweaking things a bit beyond what the “average” user would have.

  2. I just have one iOS reqest off the top of my head that would mean the world to me: two-word keyboard shortcuts. Apple already secretly slipped this into their autocorrect in iOS 6. Go ahead, try typing “app store”, “genius bar”, or “game center” with about correct turned on and see what happens. More of that that I have control of.

  3. I would also love to be able to set custom Siri commands in iOS 8. For example: I could program Siri so that when I say “call me maybe” instead of having Siri say “from now on I will call you ‘maybe'” she could start playing Call Me Maybe at 0:31. Or just being able to program a verbal response for laughs. Also being able to change who’s My Info Siri is unsing using Siri, for example: it could be John’s iPhone, but if I say “this is Fred speaking” Siri can switch to John’s contact Fred for My Info temporarily. It should be as easy as this to change the language.

  4. It should be about time we can hide default apps. I honestly like the default apps, but I know there are plenty of people out there who just want more space on their home screen. This feature should come alongside settings apps as a default phone, text, weather, map, stocks, calendar.

  5. This feature is a subtle one. Why not have a subtle “Slide to Quit All” slider right along the spacious top area of the multitasker screen. This would of course have to fade in and out if you slide app previews up to quit them (very visually appealing and Apple-ish).

  6. Another things iOS 8 can bring is one of the things it does best. I large amount of iPhone users would be ecstatic to see Instagram and Vine integration. Personally, I would love more integration with Yelp beyond Siri. For example, I have a photo in Photos, I tap the share button, tap Yelp, a list pops up of all nearby businesses, I tap the one I want and whether I want to post it for the business profile or use it in a tip.

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