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The Theme Behind the aTreehealth App

You don’t need to drive to the doctor’s office every time you feel there’s something off with your body; you can explain the situation to the Advanced Diagnostic Intelligence (ADI) assistant on the aTreehealth app for an instant assessment. Get the help you need from your home and let the app schedule an appointment with the best specialist in the market if the need arises. Moreover, if you’d still like to undergo the consultation remotely, the video call feature offers a convenient alternative to a physical appointment. Telemedicine is no longer the future of modern-day treatment; it is the present given the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic. Get the best health care from the comfort of your sofa with aTreehealth: an always-present doctor that can fit in your pocket!

App Features

One of the very first of its kind, aTreehealth is a revolutionary app in the Medical Care industry that’s changing the nature of patient consultation and treatment. Download it on the PlayStore and get access to the following privileges:

  • An artificially intelligent chatbot (ADI) that liaises with nearby doctors to ease the patient experience in terms of checkup
  • An experienced ADI that unlocks potential problems via a Q&A session with the user
  • Proper documentation of your medical visits and history; that entails coverage of prescription, doctor notes, and more, which you can revisit later on.
  • Create a wellness network for your entire family. Let your friends and relatives join the umbrella of protection that is aTreehealth; there’s no better way to show your love
  • Single out a doctor you like in the app for future visits or the designated family doctor so that you can have a professional at the ready who is familiar with your medical history.
  • Video call feature to substitute in-person appointments, thereby saving the patient time, effort, and money. 

How the App Works

When you’re feeling under the weather, chat with ADI, and get your symptoms checked and referred to a doctor for further analysis. You can undergo a video appointment with the professional and even have the prescription delivered to your home from an aTreehealth facility.

Why aTreehealth is Better Than the Rest

aTreehealth is shaping the direction of telemedicine, setting the footsteps for others to follow. Its highly accurate ADI chatbot almost always hits the mark, diagnosing patients’ symptoms correctly and with perfect regularity. Most apps of this kind run on proprietary software and have numerous errors regarding the AI’s accuracy and its results. Furthermore, the addition of a video call feature and the massive database of expert health professionals catapults aTreehealth into a league of its own.

Your health is the most essential thing in life, so you can’t take any chances with it. You can trust aTreehealth with your life! 

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