Video games have been a matter of continuous improvements and innovations across a period of time. There have been a lot of developments in terms of the technologies used and the consoles that are in force. Even the gaming industry has undergone major changes and the games have graduated from being just a recreational activity to full-fledged careers for a lot of people. There are a lot of popular Playstation games that are available on sale at Tata Cliq at very reasonable prices. These games are available at some of the most amazing discounts using the exclusive Tata Cliq coupons Check out some of the most popular Playstation games of 2020:

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (Omega Edition)

The all-new Assassin’s Creed is the latest entrant to the epic franchise that is Assassin’s Creed. The game is set during the period when the Peloponnesian war happened in which Athens and Sparta locked horns to claim dominance over the region. You can play the game as either Alexios or Kassandra and try to get to the core of deeply buried secrets and truths of Greek History. The game has been released for PS4 and ensures that you experience the best graphics and stunning special effects for more than 100 hours of content.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is an amazing alternative for all those who are not much of a Call of Duty fan. This wonderful FPS game takes you on a journey back to the days of the Great War. It marks a difference from some of the major shooting games since it is based in the era of WW1. The level of weaponry, their sophistication, and even the vehicles are brought down a notch to give it a more raw feel. Enjoy the chaotic happenings of a battlefield and its brutality with the streamlined and fluid graphics. It has a single-player and separate multiplayer mode which allows you to switch easily and enjoy no dull moment. The game is available to purchase at Tata Cliq for Playstation consoles.


It has become something more than a game and has transcended into becoming a cult nowadays. With a lot of variations and modes, it is one of the most selling console games and generates a lot of hype every time a new installment launches. With the launch of the new FIFA 20 edition, they have added a lot of new features that will allow the users to improve their FIFA skills more. They have a new game mode called Volta and a much improved Manager Mode. They have also improved the gameplay by leaps and bounds to ensure much better fluidity and playing experience. Buy the game from Tata Cliq at great discounts and ensure maximum savings.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

With a lot of comic book-based video games releasing in recent times, Spider-Man is most likely the best of the lot. It is unarguably better than Batman: Return to Arkham because of the better representation of both Spider-Man and its alter ego, Peter Parker. The game has an interesting story that ensures that you get the best gaming experience. Marvel’s Spider-Man comes with 4K HDR support for PlayStation 4 Pro and the integrated traversal mechanics make the Spider-Man much more realistic to move around in the game. The game is put up on sale at Tata Cliq and can be purchased from the website.

God of War III (Remastered)

The new God of War III picks up from where the second installment of the game left. The game has immersive experience and takes us back to the era of Greek Gods. The game begins with a superb narration from Zeus himself. It has some great action-packed sequences and these experiences are enhanced since you play as Kratos and are willing to go any distance on getting revenge on gods. The combat scenes in God of War are full of blood and gore and the amazing 3D graphics complement the gameplay very wonderfully. Buy the God of War III (Remastered) from Tata Cliq.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The storyline of Horizon Zero Dawn is set in the 31st century and that too in a post-apocalyptic world where the machine rules the world and the human civilization has degraded down to a petty and downtrodden tribe. It is an open-world action role-playing video game that has breathtaking visuals and graphics. The protagonist plays the role of Aloy who races against all odds to save the human tribe from the various forces and powerful machines. You can buy this Playstation game from Tata Cliq at discounts.

The gaming industry has grown leaps and bounds in recent times. Moving from the restricted gaming experience that a few games such as Minesweeper and Mortal Kombat, there are a lot of games now that provide ultimate gaming experience. The enhancements that are done in the gaming domain gives the gamers a chance to also pursue a career in gaming. To answer all the confusions and issues, Tata Cliq is here to offer some amazing discounts on the most popular and bestseller games.

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